Trikes, Partys, Suspect People also Moondog Expose....


I don`t know if any of you have found "Moondog" cards

There have been loadsa strange tricycles going around....

A local Pro` locked her self out of her business premises......

Etc.... :-)

Hi`s blank canvas time....time for me to plug in my brain :-)

Well whats been happening then ????

The beach party went ahead without me....
I didn`t go as I had just that afternoon busted my toe by being barefoot and accidentally kicking a cctv monitor case right on the corner and the thing is 2mm thick steel Grrrr....
It didn`t feel a thing humph...

A couple of people have promised me photos of the party,It sounds like a thousand plus people turned up and a lot of good fun was had :-)
I have been promised some photos sooner or later......

There have been loadsa strange tricycles going around advertising the "Red Bull" *soap box **derby
One of my stinkies came in and asked for a cigarette and as it was a new pack I gave him
two, he then gave me a bluetooth headset he found in the recharges from a Nokia charger, what a result :-)
A local Pro` locked her self out of her business premises, she called the Fire birgade to get her back in....cost...?250
I saw her today and asked how much did she pay....Nothing she says....I`m a girly know what these guys in uniform are like ;-)
Oh Hee-elp

I was in the internet cafe the other day and saw this strange guy with a large something under his jacket, it was rectangular and wrapped around him...he was on a website that was using strange squiggly characters and was chanting to him self over and over again....I let the staff know and decided it might be a good time to it was nothing went bang....
Dodgy or what????

I spotted this strange car lurking in the "Sega" parking space accross the road...
Driver 1
Driver 2
Driver 3

I don`t know if any of you have found "Moondog" cards on your travels around London etc,
I found one a couple of years ago and was puzzled by who this person really was....
I saw a poster saying that Moondog was presenting a selection of bands....
So using my 7337 skills I got in to see and talk to moondog and see the entertainment for nothing....
Weird, weird and weirder thats the only way to describe the event..very arty farty and not the sort of stuff you would pay to see...unless you are one of the strange arty farty types ;-)
It turns out the guy is a promoter of these strange sort of abstract acts...
I`m not impressed....
Calling card
Moondog Himself


A friend of mine Fony, and a young lady, I don`t remember her name...I promised to put them on the web :-)

A family getting on down and groovin to the busker player at Leicester Square...

The "Oy bike" scheme is behing tested in Hammersmith but it looks like they are getting more use as rubish bins....
I was walking down the street and saw this lot but don`t know much about them....
This amused me.....

Well thats about it for now,
Chat to you all soon, thanks for reading.

The Reverend Rat

*Soap box..A box to stand on and say your thing to a crowd or in this case Go Karts with out engines

** in England, or a race


Erm, it seems like there should be image links to photo's in a lot of your post - but they're not there. Correct, or am I reading things incorrectly??

Your "Dodgy or what????" guy looks to be a Sikh wearing a traditional turban (most Arabs , for example, do not wear them)

He is almost certainly carrying a concealed ceremonial sword called a Kirban, which although it could be used as a weapon, it is an "insult to the Sikh religion" to regard it merely as a concealed weapon.

Hi wtwu,
Thanks for the feedback,
The item under the jacket was rectangular, about 2 inches thick and about 15 inches wide and wrapped around his back...more akin to a couple of phone books lying side to side.

Hi Jonty,
Probably ;-)

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