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Arson and Mugging

25/06/03 Wednesday

Today is the birthday of George Orwell, if he was still alive he would be 100 years old, Simon Davies from Privacy International threw a little gathering for anyone who turned up in memory of George at a pub called the ********* we then went of to a restaraunt called ****** (bloody expensive) both of these were favourites of George,
Simon paid for my meal :-) we all had meat Metsi, Squid rings, Whitebait and Georges favourite... *******, at the end it was ?35.00 per head...mind you we did get through a lot of wine.

1st weekly blog

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Partying and strange going ons

1st Blog

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Here it is my first Blog, all about the things I observe and or take part in on my wanderings mainly in London :-)

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