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Hello to all of you and thanks for dropping in.
I have been quite busy lately but due to persistent nagging about when am I going to post again? here it is :-)

"Banksy" on Hammersmith flyover

How not to liven up a Bar-B-Q

McDonald's unregistered software

September London 2600 meeting

Nigella Lawson celebrity TV chef filming at the fish stall

Trashing Karma

Cloud photo

It looks as if the Reverend Rat's exact state of health is mystifying the NHS, so they are keeping him in hospital for another couple of days.

The much vaunted multi-billion pound NHS "data spine" appears to be reduced to getting the Hospital to phone Rat's General Practioner so that the GP's surgery can fax back the Rat's arthritis and stroke medication details back to the same Hospital which prescribed these medecines in the first place !

The internet access through the WinCE based TV system has currently stopped working (internet gateway out through Torch Communications in Kingston upon Hull)

Rat would welcome a copy of the SUSE 10 Linux distro which is available on the cover of one of this month's Linux magazines, as he wants to be able to watch some DVDs on his laptop computer.

There are machine carbine armed Police guards a few feet from Rat's bed, but he assures us that they are not there because of him.

Hi, All :-)
Discovered yesterday 27-08-05

[Local copy of the page for posterity: 49p TV rather than £249.99 ]

This brings up a nice cock up, a few friends have placed orders and have had them confirmed...the link now shows a generic error and that The store is currently experiencing problems. Try again later.

I have had it suggested that it might be prone to an Injected SQL attack....Hmmm possibly....

The Reverend Rat +:-)

London 2600 5th August meeting report:

Well Overdue


Catching up at last :-)

I found this safe abandoned....

"Easy AlltheWorld" Boxes

Oh ummm Oh sh*t damn...we didn`t know that.....

"Sir Shadow" a "Jazz artist" turned up....

Brumcon round two...


We got the full aircraft type safety drill....

I swear his eyes watered....

The city is a nightmare...

I am in the middle of writing a mobile phone water damage, repair guide....

I was wandering around in town and spotted this bloke....

I went to the "Brumcon" in Birmingham....

Nutters etc,

Hows about the nutter that threw himself off the top of Centrepoint?

"Leet meet" Tonight, usual haunt...

Wanted ...Contributers to the radio show...

Dr K is in town :-)

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Hi all, mid month 2600 leet meet ;-) on friday at around eight at the Bricklayers arms....
Dr K the author, is now in town and will be attending with various goodies,
Hope to see you there
The Reverend Rat

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