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A couple more reports.

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Well there seems to be a signal from the Empire Leicester square but I could not get online.....

Just been listening to Astral Projection and watching some Manga which has given me a buzz, so I think I shall go out Ratting (Trashing)...

Right for those that don`t know me ....well were do I start? I am old git (43) by most youngsters estimates.......

Notting Hill carnival time again...I am amazed at how many people go to it, as everyone I know, is keeping well away from it.....

I ran Adware and it found 256 cookies mostly Sextracker and Red Sherrif but a few saying that this was a possible attack?......

Decided to save on phone calls to my neighbour and we are going for CB Radio,
I was bored with learning things and decided to dig out my "old" HAM International Multimode 2 rig and repair it.....

19-08-03 Tuesday

I hope those of you that went to Blackpool had a good time and havn`t got to big a hangover :-p

This morning I went around the block to cool off from being woken by the Cowboy/Building Renovators and I get back to find out one of the neighbours has been burgled from the scaffolding around the back during the last night,

18-08-03 Monday


I finally have a "Working for now" Email address, lose the monkey to use :-)

We had an unadvertised "Reclaim the beach" party, Just as I got there the BBC turned up to film the event :-) the documentry should come out next month.......

It turns out that the place we arrived at was a "Squat Party" place...they have an awesome bar all done out in different coloured fluorescent paints under UV lights......

One of the neighbours had a verbal with another car driver, pulls out a Stun gun and tells the guy where to go.......

13-08-03 Wednesday

Fuqn Hushmail whats wrong with it? I went to open an account again with them and clicked on the link to the free accounts, and all there is, is a blank page....the source code can be read, the page just dosn`t show. Grrrr.
I thought maybe it was something to do with the Internet Cafe settings, but it was the same at another Internet Cafe running a different system.

11-08-03 Monday AM.


We`ve got an alarm system but it`s not wireless, they claim that it will pick up anyone walking around on the scaffolding...I shall find out later.

The Update

I am getting very pissed off with Hushmail,

I seem to have lost all my accounts with hushmail even though I viewed a couple of them a week ago.

This is my new one " "

29-07-03 Tuesday AM.

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29-07-03 Tuesday AM.

Our arsonist has been given the keys to his old flat and is walking around with no minder.
The neighbours are freaking out.

28-07-03 Monday

28-07-03 Monday.

Saturday was "Reclaim The Beach" again but this time it was done from 15:00hrs till 22:00hrs and more for the benefit of the kids...the ones under eighteen :-)

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