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Hi everyone, Sorry it`s a couple of days late but I have been so knackered that I havn`t had the strength to do much.
This is how it all started.....
A note in my diary....

It looks as if the Reverend Rat's exact state of health is mystifying the NHS, so they are keeping him in hospital for another couple of days.

The much vaunted multi-billion pound NHS "data spine" appears to be reduced to getting the Hospital to phone Rat's General Practioner so that the GP's surgery can fax back the Rat's arthritis and stroke medication details back to the same Hospital which prescribed these medecines in the first place !

The internet access through the WinCE based TV system has currently stopped working (internet gateway out through Torch Communications in Kingston upon Hull)

Rat would welcome a copy of the SUSE 10 Linux distro which is available on the cover of one of this month's Linux magazines, as he wants to be able to watch some DVDs on his laptop computer.

There are machine carbine armed Police guards a few feet from Rat's bed, but he assures us that they are not there because of him.

The name "Min Quan" derives from the Chinese words 'civil rights'

What? I havn`t blogged in the last couple of days!!!!! oops sorry :-)....

The owner of a chip shop "The Lighthouse" in North End road, Fulham, which used to be my local chippy (not far from here) was shot in April and recovered, has been shot again this week and died as a result, his brother was also shot but is not in a critical condition.

NO STAFF SHOWED UP!!!! WHY THE HELL NOT???? what? are the cameras not monitored????

The Prats ought to do some home work "friend" is a rather highly paid "Professional Body Guard" type of person.....

Housing problems

I have a bee in my bonnet....

After a bit of squabbling the woman tells me that they have found someone that will repair it tommorow....we`ll see...

Tonight is cancelled........

Karma and Explosions


Dada da!!! Leicester Square here I am...and what the hell is this in front of me?

all of a sudden there is a noise of explosions from the kitchen, uh oh! sounds familiar.....

It must "Karma" for them nicking my spot :-)

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