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How To Work Out Wavelengths

Speed of light % by Frequency = Wavelength in Metres

0.3 % 2.4gHz = 0.125 metres (12.5cm) % by 4 to get 1/4 wave....0.03125 metres or 31.25mm

Or for 1.2gHz,
0.3 % 1.2 = 0.250 (25cm) % 4 = 0.0625 or 62.5mm

0.3 was used as that is the speed of light in air.
Also try to use the full frequency Ie, 2.43 instead of 2.4 it makes a small difference to look at at quarter wave but it would be more noticable at full wave,

0.3 % 2.43 = 0.123 or 12.3cm....2mm difference

The Reverend Rat +:-)

% = divide by, and yes,
For the purists if you are running a length of cable you need to add a few more equations, but Heh, lets show people how to walk first :-)

London 2600 5th August meeting report:

Hi everyone,
Just got this link this morning (Thanks Duncan)
It`s worth reading.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Well Overdue


Catching up at last :-)

Due to a lot of time on my hands lately, (Not through choice...more about that soon) I have been collecting quite a bit of stuff to blog....

Rest in peace Ani.

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They won`t sit down for a while :-)

It got a bit wet in London the other night ....

A few photos....

HOT or what ?
The inside of the internet cafe went up to 49.9 C......

The fluorescent lights caught fire...

my "Matrix" like skills kicked in.....

Input ....

Standing near by, there is a black guy with a big spliff and a even bigger smile......

Street Stuff

Hello everyone,
I am sorry it has been so long since the last blog, but a lot has been keeping me busy,

Theft, Queries and Lack of connection

I have been thwarted yet again.....

If you are using "Win 2k pro on screen keyboard", how the heck do you "Ctrl Alt Del"....

Deciding that there were enough witnesses, I left them to it :-)....

Karma and Explosions


Dada da!!! Leicester Square here I am...and what the hell is this in front of me?

all of a sudden there is a noise of explosions from the kitchen, uh oh! sounds familiar.....

It must "Karma" for them nicking my spot :-)

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