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Hooray freedom at last...

Hooray freedom at last...

I got out to do some shopping and as I went past "Maccy D`s" I saw around a dozen young adults pissed as farts....

I guessed right about the Internet cafe up the road....

Would you believe it??? I have just got back from Sainsburys to get some provisions....

I am puzzled.....


I havn`t got a lot to report this time around as I have virtually been under house the Decorators.
Between the Windows ...3 undercoats and a topcoat...the door...two undercoats and one topcoat and then just as you think it is safe to go out, they decide to paint the step ....Twice... and the door needed to be open so that the step dosn`t stick to the bottom of the door, as a result I havn`t been out much to see whats going on.
So I read an E book called Terminal Compromise...well worth the read.


The one thing I did notice was that the Internet cafe in my High street has closed, suposedly for a week as they are having a dispute with BT.
Hmmm, maybe running an Internet cafe with 20 plus boxes plus half a dozen phone booths, is not normal business usage :-p


The "Maccy D" in the high Street is using a different supplier rather than Easy everything as is used in most of the other "Maccy D's", they are using "" and as usual, no access to the boxes or cables and the keyboard has a few keys missing .

Well thats about it for now.


London 2600 mid month meet

I went to the london 2600 mid month leet meet ;-)....

We were on the way to Borders or is it Boots?....

The Golden Square place, has now been demolished :-(

Buses, Gigs and laptop cons.

I was in the bus station in the afternoon and there were more police on duty there, than on the High street on Friday/Saturday nights....

I went to see a free gig at Tower Records Picadilly, I Saw Kim Fowley, Kyo-t, Miss e and Fatman kicks cat, Tenshi and Steve T perform....

Reverend, Painters and Decorators...nil....

I have just got my tickets for the exclusive invite only, "Starsailor" gig at HMV. Oxford st,...

Walking down the High st

Walking down the High st 3.30 a,m I see I am being followed by a group of people who are generally acting hostile......

Whilst in the shop, the guy who runs the shop asks if I have seen the new phone without a sim card ???

The Bt plug point in the cab boxes need you to dial...yes...the magical number "9" for a line out...

Well I`ll be damned

Well I`ll be damned,
I threw out a load of junk and believe me,if I say it`s junk it jolly well is!!!!

The London 2600 meeting was good, with a turn out of around 50/60 people....

Dr-K the author of "A Complete Hackers Handbook" turned up, to meet old friends and also to ask people to contribute hacking stories for his new book .....

I hope that "Star Sailor" is a decent band, I just got tickets to see them, from "XFM 104.9" Radio :-)

On the way back from

On the way back from the Internet cafe I saw a man get grabbed, slammed against the wall and hit in the face with a Champagne bottle and got stomped on the head a few times....

had a note through the door this morning, it seems that one of my "friends" has got himself stabbed....


Not a lot to report

Not a lot to report at the moment, so I have chucked a few pictures together for your perusal :-)

This is me on the top of Dekspc in Greenwich testing out the Wifi and Johnny 5 the antenna.
View image

This is photo of a strange looking roof top, whilst at the above.
View image

I spotted this sign the other day on the way to the C.B. shack.
View image

I went to the Anti Congestion Charging Demo near the Elephant and Castle a few months back, and all the while we were there a Fox was sitting on the top of a wall watching us, only a few feet away.
View image

This last one is me hijacking the Ecademy stand at the Olympia Broadband show :-)
View image

Well thats your lot for now...more soon.

CSB +:-)
drop the monkey first :-)

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