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It`s a Strange World

More senseless violence and a bit of Urban exploration with a liberal splash of madness.

Another use for War Chalk

19-07-03 Saturday

Something I had forgotten to mention yesterday, on the way to Cyberia,

Counter Strike X 2

Last night some of the Guys from London 2600 turned up at Cyberia or BTR as it is now known to have a game of Counter strike.

16-07-03 Wed

This is the hottest summer for a long time in England, the last three weeks it has been an average of 28 degrees C, yesterday was 31 air temperature and 43 in the direct light.

08-07-03 Tuesday

Problems with "War Walking" i.e. Violence.

Arson part two

27-06-03 Friday

Here I am chilling to some good grooves and there`s this shouting "Put it out Put it out" so I look out the window and see Ruth who lives 3 doors up the road from me..ie, next door, on the other side of the "arsonist from yesterday" shouting at Tim the "arsonist" and see a fire in his porch,He was apparantly dowsing paper with inflamable liquid. go downstairs fire extinguisher in hand and call 999 on my way,
The Guy has now legged it indoors and built a barricade with a cooker, fridge and God knows what.

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