CyberPunk Tourist Guide to London - Introduction

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As promised on the Hacking the Gibson, in London! discussion thread, here is my personal guide to some of the "CyberPunk" and other locations of interest to me in Central London.

I hope it will be was of some use to the readers of the official William Gibson Books discussion board,, and to any readers of this Spook Country blog, who are were swarming to London for the William Gibson Spook Country book promotional events this in August 2007, and into the future:

  • "Evening with William Gibson" event - book signing, reading, questions and answers etc. on Tuesday 28th August 2007, 7pm at the Trades Union Congress conference centre in Great Russell Street (tickets £7 via Blackwell's Bookshop - telephone line +44(0)845 456 9876 Mon - Fri, 9.30am to 6.00pm)

  • Thereis was also a book signing event to be held at the Forbidden Planet Megastore bookshop, at 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, the next day, Wednesday 29th August 2007, from 1pm to 2pm.

These London book signing venues have been used for previous William Gibson novel promotions as well and are also likely for the forthcoming Zero History, due to be published on 7th September 2010. - see the blog for more details as they become available.

Hopefully people will find this little guide an interesting and useful adjunct to the normal maps and tourist guides - please email with any corrections or suggestions, or else leave a (moderated) comment on the blog entries.

Like all great cities, London is in a constant state of flux, so some of the more ephemeral locations of shops or cafes etc. may now be of just historical interest - check on the date of the blog entries.

N.B.If you feel like disclosing any secrets, then you can use this published public PGP encryption key. or look it up on a public PGP keyserver.

If you doubt that we live in a Surveillance Society, then start counting the vast number of Closed Circuit Television spy cameras visible on the streets and buildings and on public transport in London. Then ask why yourself why there is still so much crime and such an apparent threat from terrorists.


Hi There,

I like the way you do the tourist guide of central london. What is your top 3 spots?

Dave Cunningham

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This documents and analyses William Gibson's novel Spook Country which has some London locations, and from which this London CyberPunk Tourist Guide was spawned.

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