Belgravia - David Blunkett's Disgrace and Favour house


The notorious disgraced former Home Secretary David Blunkett had the rent free use of a UK Government owned property, in the exclusive Belgravia area of central London, both during his time as a Cabinet Minister, and , controversially for months after he had been forced to resign in disgrace. Blunkett was responsible for much of the repressive legislation brought in by the NuLabour government on the back of the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA., such as even more anti-terrorism legislation, the Extradition Act, and various centralised totalitarian databases.

His controversial re-appointment to the Cabinet to be in charge of the Department for Work and Pensions, was also followed by another forced resignation and another extensive use of the property at tax payers' expense. Such perks in the gift of the Government are known as "Grace and Favour" houses or apartments, but in Blunkett's case, this one became a "Disgrace and Favour" house, from which he conducted his adulterous relationship and fathered an illegitimate child.

Misleadingly described in lists of UK Government properties as ""Government house in Pimlico", this is actually in the much posher and more expensive neighbouring area of Belgravia at, 62 South Eaton Place, next door to The Belgravia public house, and within line of sight of Belgravia Police Station opposite Victoria Coach Station.

62_South_Eaton_Place_300.jpg (photo credit Barry Phillips)

The anti-terrorism security modifications to the building e.g. CCTV cameras, blast / bulletproof windows etc. installed to protect the then Home Secretary (politically in charge of the police and some security agencies) makes this property, valued at over £3 million, as much of a prison as a fortress.


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