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London 2600 meetings (see are similar to those held by 2600 groups around the world, and the other 2600 groups in the United Kingdom.

The quarterly 2600 magazine is available in London from Borders (Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street) and Virgin Megastore (Piccadilly Circus).

Everybody who is interested in computer and telecomms security and the impact of technology on society is welcome, from both sides of the fence, no matter what your age or level of skill and experience - nobody knows it all, no matter what they claim.

You could learn more at these free meetings than from months of study or investigation on your own, but this depends on what you are willing to share and contribute in return. We are mostly British and therefore somewhat shy in public, but it is easy to strike up a conversation with most of us.

London 2600 meet on the first Friday of each month, 6.30pm to 7.30pm initially, at the bottom of the escalators inside the central core of the Trocadero shopping centre, then on elsewhere. There is an underground passageway directly from Piccadilly Circus Tube station.


GPS grid coordinates:
Latitude: (WGS84) N51:30:38 ( 51.510539 )
Longitude: (WGS84) W0:07:59 ( -0.132972 )

The kinds of people who have attended over the last couple of decades or so include:

"computer hackers, phone phreakers, cyberpunks, performance artists, systems administrators, cybergoths, military intelligence officers, mobi chippers, skip trashers, hacktivists, network gurus, anti-virus programmers, penetration testers, multimedia artists, internet entrepreneurs, newbies, cybercriminals, warez d00dz, old skool, movie script writers, 31337, civil liberties activists, lawyers, radio hams, students, cool hunters, wannabes, djs, corporate security professionals, academic researchers, privacy campaigners, journalists"

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Usually about 20 to 50 people attend each meeting, most of whom then participate in the rest of the evening/weekend activities.

email: meetings@london2600[dot]org[dot]uk

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For OpenPGP 256bit AES encrypted messages via 128bit SSL/TLS session, web based email, outside the direct jurisdiction of the UK Government, get a free Hushmail account and contact us on london2600@hushmail[dot]com

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email: blog @ CyberPunk [dot] org [dot] uk

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Hints and Tips for Whistleblowers

Please take the appropriate precautions if you are planning to blow the whistle on shadowy and powerful people in Government or commerce, and their dubious policies. The mainstream media and bloggers also need to take simple precautions to help preserve the anonymity of their sources e.g.

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