DNS problems - partly censored by Temporary Restraining Order ?

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Currently is either having technical Domain Name System problems, or, there has indeed been a Temporary Restraining Order granted by the California Northern District Court in San Francisco, against Wikileaks et al, on behalf of Bank Julius Baer.

See the previous blog article:- " and their Domain Name Registrar are being sued in California by Bank Julius Baer"for more details

This lack of a working domain name also affects the URL

and the the SSL encrypted version at

However the WikiLeaks front end servers, currently hosted in Sweden, are still working, and can still be accessed via some, but not all of the published list of Public Cover Names:

Why are Bank Julius Baer and their Hollywood celebrity media spin lawyers Lavely & Singer, trying to abuse the US legal system, to censor, over some alleged documents which have nothing to do with the USA ? The alleged documents which have published, involve dubious financial transactions in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, whilst the WikiLeakS,org copies of these alleged documents appear to be located in Sweden

Here is a list of Wikileaks Cover Name URL links which worked ok for us in the last few hours:

Some of the Cover Names presumably just re-direct traffic to the now missing and so are effectively not working either i.e.

Some are more peculiar in that unencrypted URLs either time out or are not working,

However, the corresponding SSL URLs work ok e.g.:

Remember to check the Digital Certificate of any "https://" website you connect to (you may not always get a warning pop-up in your browser).

We may write a future blog article about the pros and cons of accessing via an SSL encrypted page, with or without the use of proxy servers, especially with regard to anonymity and to evading censorship.

There are different trade-offs for website readers of leaked articles, for people who choose to comment on the Talk pages, for document and intelligence analysts and annotators (if the public is ever allowed to do this in proper Wiki mode), and, of course, for genuine whistleblowers (or fake propaganda spinners) who upload leaked documents.


None of the links seem to be working out of Hungary. Including your link to Wikileaks cover pages. Any ideas??

@ James - same problem occurs from the USA or the UK

The list of what were working Cover Names pointed to []

in Sweden, but traceroute to that address gives the same problem.

It is hard to say if this is a technical problem, perhaps bandwidth related, like suffered but did not bother to explain or apologise for, when they published the first Guantanamo Bay concentration camp manual.

Alternatively, it could be the result of the Bank Julius Baer court case.

Since all the web and mail servers were essentially
sharing the one public IP address (there may be other machines behind this), that is a Single Point of Failure for technical problems, deliberate technical Denial of Service attacks, or litigation based legal threats or Court orders.

Since seem to have abandoned the use of rgwir published PGP Public Encryption and Signing keys (which expired in November last year), they cannot even publish an authenticated Press Release about the situation, on other websites or email lists etc.

Perhaps the backup site, which popped up in Germany, during the Guantanamo Bay document traffic surge might be hauled into action, but there is no sign of such a backup plan in action , as yet.

Global scale resilient webhosting costs a lot of money, which, the project presumably does not yet have. .

UPS fire at Swedish hosting company PRQ Inet, which may explain some of the Single Point of Failure problems: / now says

Problems at STH3
STH3 is down due to a serious electrical problem (one of the UPS feeds literally caught fire (!)). We're working on restoring everything, although there's no set ETA at the moment.
Call +46 (0)73 9691011 if you have any questions.

PRQ Inet was where The Pirate Bay was hosted, until recently, so they have experience of being raided by the Police and having their serves and and logfiles (if anmy) taken away as a result of cvil legal action by corportate lawyers.

So some of the list of Wikileaks Cover Names above, pointing directly to are working again.

N.B. is still not resolving, (no domain name servers) so that may well be the result of the legal case in California.

Yes. Wikileaks has been hit by a surprise (less than 24 hours notice, "served by email" TRO on its registrar). The order was granted Thursday afternoon. Wikileaks was NOT notified of the order except through our former council who lives in San Francisco and present for the start of the hearing (then removed from the hearing and its outcome). Dynadot, the Californian domain registrar acted in breach of Wikileaks and ICANN contract by blocking transfer of the domain BEFORE the hearing (and order). (China) has also been seized (illegally), we were expecting that.

However for the land of the free and the brave, we certainly were not were not expecting an attack on the registrar, justified by prior publishing restraint (!) and backed by a bunch of Cayman Islands money launderers and Hollywood lawyers trying to cover up the true structures of trusts and shell companies.

Then today there was a fire in our Swedish data center.

Backups are on-line.

ps. The judge in Thursday's hearing was a Bush appointee and former prosecutor, "not noted" as they say, in legal circles for his love of the First Amendment.

All I have to say is go for it. "When" the US gov't declares martial law rather than "if" it'll be interesting if I won't die under torture and having named every person I've ever know handsomely maimed as well. I just hope I have the presence of mind to go thru the 25% of the population which are fascist in and of themselves unable to be anything else, that I know first.

I don't know what HTML tags are.

Please keep up the good work.

I think of East Timor in light of my 25% and think well if they killed 33% and didn't get the 25% that leaves a pretty poor balance of the remainder.

I notice the (If you...for waiting.) the message ain't jes for you.

Grant Cramond,

too old to matter

The following are not working when accessed from Essex, UK. I'm getting a 'cannot find server' message.

Have not checked any of the secure.whatever sites other than the last two.

I have added a subdomain that points directly to their IP address at -

Your not the only one with DNS issues :( Glad to see you back up and running.

Love "Light" and Energy


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