30. Sighting - page 149

30. Sighting - page 149

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He walked on , shortly finding himself in what an enameled wall-sign informed him was the Rue Git-le-Coeur. narrower, possibly more medieval. A few drops of rain began to fall, the sky having clouded over while he'd been having his tea. He checked reflections for a yellow helmet, though, of course, a professional might park the bike, leave the helmet behind. Or, more likely, be part of a team.

Exactly the sort of "Moscow Rules" counter-surveillance tradecraft, used by espionage agents and serious criminals.

is Milgrim really either ?. He probably is, even though mostly simply as a result of getting caught up in other people's schemes.

He saw a magical-looking bookshop, stocked piled

"stocked piled" should perhaps read "stockpiled"

like a mad professor's study in a film, and swerved , craving the escape into text. But these seemed not only comics, unable to provide his needed hit of words-in-a-row, but in French as well. Some of them, he saw, were the French kind, very literary-looking, but just as many seemed to be the ones where everyone looked like the girls in the tea shop, slender and big-eyed. Still, a bookstore. He had a powerful urge to burrow. Work his way back into the stacks. Pull a few piles over behind him and hope never to be found.

    He sighed and hurried on.

Rue Gît-le-Cœur in Paris is famous for the Beat Hotel

The Beat Hotel was a small, run-down hotel of 42 rooms at 9 Rue Gît-le-Cœur in the Latin Quarter of Paris, notable chiefly as a residence for members of the Beat poetry movement of the mid-20th century

William Gibson was influenced by the "Beat generation" of writers and poets.

"The Beat Hotel" has now been refurnished into the Vieux Hotel ("old hotel")

Could the bookshop mentioned by Milgrim be influenced by the Un Regarde Moderne at 10 Rue Gît-le-Cœur, which is actually neither next door, nor directly opposite number 9.


These are not US Style Marvel or DC Comics, but the sometimes more sophisticated Bandes Dessinées

See these photos of Un Regard Moderne, by Jason Miles

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