Gary McKinnon extradition case raised at Prime Minister's Questions, again

Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday saw saw this Question about Gary McKinnon:

Citation: HC Deb, 13 July 2011, c306

Oral Answers to Questions -- Prime Minister
House of Commons debates, 13 July 2011, 11:30 am

David Burrowes (Enfield, Southgate, Conservative)

Can I raise with the Prime Minister a different case of hacking--the computer hacker Gary McKinnon? While I recognise that the Home Secretary has a legal process to follow, does the Prime Minister share the concern for my constituent's nine-year nightmare? He feels that his life is literally hanging by a thread that is waiting to be cut by extradition.

David Cameron (Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)

I do recognise the seriousness of this case, and the Deputy Prime Minister and I actually raised it with President Obama when he visited. I think the point is that it is not so much about the alleged offence, which everyone knows is a very serious offence, and we can understand why the Americans feel so

strongly about it. The case is now in front of my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, who has to consider reports about Gary McKinnon's health and well-being. It is right that she does that in a proper and effectively--I am sorry to use the word again today--quasi-judicial way.

The Conservative - Liberal Democrat Coalition Government politicians are still dithering.

They have still not yet fulfilled their pre-election promises regarding the Gary McKinnon extradition case.