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Hello to all of you and thanks for dropping in.
I have been quite busy lately but due to persistent nagging about when am I going to post again? here it is :-)

"Banksy" on Hammersmith flyover

How not to liven up a Bar-B-Q

McDonald's unregistered software

September London 2600 meeting

Nigella Lawson celebrity TV chef filming at the fish stall

Trashing Karma

Cloud photo

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Hammersmith flyover has it's own "Banksy"

For those who want to see it in real life, you go to Hammersmith and go down King St. till you get to Bridge Avenue, go to the end of it and cross over the crossings under the flyover and then look back to the flyover and you will see at the bottom of the pillar on the right the "Banksy".

My friend Toby's method of livening up a dull Bar-B-Q. using Nitro fuel mix Hmmmm,

We survived, I couldn't even see the flame but certainly could feel it's heat....

McDonald's food? chain still using unregistered software...

On the way to the 2600 meeting we found this lovely group of young ladies promoting a Casino at the "Empire" Leicester Square.

We only to get to our venue and found that it was shut due to a power cut,
We ended up splitting into two groups one went off to be in a nice warm pub but stayed outside most of the time smoking, which is what we were doing except that our beer was cheaper as it came from the Off license and 3 cheers to the guys who donated a bottle of "AsboSlut" Vodka plus other commodities to the cause ;-)
A tip. If you run out of glasses cut the bottom half off coke bottles....plastic, that is.

I help out a couple of great guys on their fish stall twice a week, and they got asked to put their stall in "Partridges" of Sloane Square ( it`s actually Kings Rd ex Chelsea Barracks) but Sloane Square sounds better...bloody Estate agents, all in aid of Nigella Lawson's cooking program.

After a hour and half we thought she wasn't coming and proceeded to start drinking etc. :-) lo and behold nearly two hours late she turned up sans film crew and all..
I was outside and had decided to take a photo of the shop when this arrogant guy starts shouting at me, "who are you what are you doing here ? get out of the way you`ve ruined my shot !!!
I explained A. it`s a public place and there were no indications that there was any one filming, B. that I was part of the team they had come to shoot."
The guy then says ok but get out of the way as they are trying to film Nigella Lawson walking into the shop, Who? says I "she's a famous chef" he says (it turns out she`s the one one walking into the shop in the "Partridges" photo)
After another couple of hours they had filmed her going around various other counters and turns up at ours to buy a couple of bits of Monkfish, Oh, and she doesn't carry cash she has a weasely little guy for this that just follows her around and pays for things.

The film crew got upset with my shirt as it detracted the focus from Nigella in her frumpy outfit complete with trainers,

They filmed, she posed for a couple of photos, and then they all went away.
In light of recent publicity in the media, No, none of us were actors ;-)
But the fish is either going to be replaced at a later date, or she is freezing and then thawing it out, as the filming is not finished till mid November.

"Trashing Karma".
I was out trashing and spotted a big skip full of electronic bits, but there was this other guy there first and he was cutting off all the cables for the scrap copper which is pennies worth...fuming I held up a few things and said if he had sold them with the cables attached a fair bit of money could have been made selling them second hand...Grrr...
I got hold of a couple of bits and pieces and walked back to my house, just as I get there half a dozen Police pull the guy and nick him A. for Having a Knife on him, i.e. the one he was cutting the cables with and B. being an Illegal immigrant/whatever, fair play, they let him take his bag of wire.

And now last but not least, Weird Photo time.

I took this photo of the sunset trying out my new camera and a fair few people have looked at it, and all of them seem to see an angel in flames holding a crucifix ???? what do you think?

That's it for now but there will be more soon.
Again thanks for looking in,
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Great blog rat :)

really really good :)

Rat - you ain't blogging nearly enough for a man of your talents!


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