Hello again. Remote Fire Alarm switch, Recycling gone mad

Hello again.

Smoke alarms ...most of you have come across the alarm that goes off at the slightest thing, ie you can't even boil a damned kettle with out it going off, just like the alarm I have....so...

I made a Remote fire alarm switch.
I pulled open the alarm and saw that the silence button was a blob of metal and a springy metal strip, the two touch and the alarm goes quiet for ten minutes, I turned over the circuit board and soldered a piece of bell wire to the two points and connected the other ends to a doorbell push switch, this was mounted in the kitchen near the cooker.

I put the alarm back together and back to where it lives in the hall.
I tested it out making a fried egg sarnie and it works :-)
Next thing I want to do is try making it work with a remote control device.

Recycling gone mad...


Thats it for now
thanks for reading.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

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