Bimbo pictures


And finally for those of you that remember the blog a couple of years ago "Bimbo kiss and tell woman" here's the other photo ;-) It seems that the previous photo is one of my most often downloaded pictures.



Thats it for now
thanks for reading.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Heeey, Rat:) It's me, Scrappy, remember me????:))) How ya doing my friend??? Hopefully, if everything's gonna be ok, since september, I'll be studying in London at university. Damn, btw, I knooow this woman, I used to live at the same hostel as her, 2 years ago:))) Take care, see ya mate

my names kayleigh i come from chessington in londen and i just want to ask if there is eney fit guys or men on this web site if there are could u send me some informashion about what they look like thankyou very much for potting me on this web site i shall speek to u soon kayleigh baker xxxx

what happened here? no posts since 07?! sad.

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