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Hello to all of you,
It's been a long time, but I now have lots of time :-)

A lot has gone past since I last blogged...Water mains exploding in Hammersmith and flooding the High street, Heh, it even made the telly and the big newspapers.

Water-Hole.gif Water-Pipe.gif

I did my usual Fireworks display and lo and behold the Fire Brigade turned up again, we got a right rollocking, it didn't help with the Vicar giving them some serious attitude which I found quite funny, they gave us fifteen minutes to get the bonfire a lot smaller or they would put it out...they came back grumbled a bit more and watered the grass around it and left.

I lost data on a large scale due to 7 Harddrives committing suicide in the space of ten days and two of them were back up drives Grrrr...this caused me to go anti computer for a while while I had an extended sulk, It has taken a few weeks to sort out what I have left which adds up to less than half the amount of data I had.

I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted a few days before Christmas, it didn't stop bleeding for three days :-(

The local church ( the big one by Hammersmith roundabout ) is having a makeover and they hid the scaffolding behind a plastic sheet that wrapped all the way around the church with a picture of the church printed on looked expensive,

St-Pauls-1st-stage.gif St-Pauls-Covered.gif

We then had a hurricane and it got shredded, this caused the roundabout to be closed off for several hours and the Hammersmith flyover was shut for a couple of hours while they cleared up the debris and made what was left safe again.


My little road was closed off all night because of a window blowing out from the eleventh floor of the office block across the road from me and a big chunk of stainless steel was teetering on the edge of Barclays Bank roof which is also just across the road.

Window.gif Metal-Storm.gif

It snowed but it only lasted a few hours.


Last friday night/morning a guy nicked a double-deck bus from the bus station, he managed to get around the roundabout and half way down the high street before crashing into a parked car at which he then jumped out and legged it.

Stolen Bus._300.jpg

Well that's it for now, I will be back soon.

The Reverend Rat +:-)

1 Comment

glad your back rat - some of even missed you ....

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