The BBC, Gary McKinnon and myself at Infosec, Infosec report.


Hi Everyone,
Well here I am again back in full swing and have a lot of catching up to do...So I will start with "Infosec" computer security show.
The 1st day.
I got there and ask for Press privilages to be added to my badge as they had not done it yet again, after lots of hot air from various helpdesk people and getting nowhere, I ended up walking through security and going upstairs to the press room and speaking to one of the head honchos (cheers you now who you are) and got my clearance :-)

The rest of the day after making a promise not to use any hardware after my last few shows performances :-P I went around generally casing the place for the next couple of days entertainment...oops sorry interviews and things press orientated.

Day two.
Chatted to a few venders but nothing extraordinary going on so I went on the freebee hunt, I didn't do to bad.
T shirts, USB storage keys, several Anti Virus/firewall etc, software all on full one year licenses instead of 1 month trials...took a bit of persuading but I won on all points....a battery operated fan, bottle openers, free beer, free wine, a magic box, a couple of 4 port USB expansion devices, a few yoyo key retainers, a mini led mouse with retractable tail, and a few more things that a that at the moment I can`t remember, munchies of various kinds including the food in the press room, again thanks guy and gals...
The Booty
One of the best sights were these two young ladys :-)
Casino Girls

The Social Engineering seminar.
presented by Mr. Ian Mann.
I had pre announced that I would get in ahead of the queue and be at the front of the audience in a chair of my choice....but the talk got brought forward by 15 minutes so that when I got there the room was all ready full :-( and no more people can go in due to the fire regs, after a bit of social engineering I ended up with security walking me through the crowd to the front and a guy carrying a chair for me straight to the front in front of the podium just in time for the lecture to start....the guy giving the talk was impressed.

I had a photo taken with the two previous young ladys,

After all this hard work it was time for the exhibitors party but this time the press were not invited...
I ended up with a woman that said she is running the whole Infosec show and said no press I go to the press room and make a complaint and lo and behold I got clearance and the woman was at the entrance to greet me, I was the only member of press to get in :-))
The party was themed on Elvis with Ice sculptures that were melting fast by the time I got there to take photos, loadsa casino type games for fun and a few pretty young women dishing out free Tequila.
ice guitar
ice Elvis
Tequila girls
The crowd
And a good time was had by all....
Oh, and last but not least a picture of the show.
Show view

Day three.
Met up with my friend Gary McKinnon giving a talk on the Hackers panel but we kept having to duck from the press,
We met up later and had few drinks and a long chat at a pub up the road...
Gary and Me
More info on Gary at :-

Well thats about it for now it`s 03:30hrs, thanks for reading.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Rat can be found discussing the Gary McKinnon extradition case with the BBC at

You have such a hard life ... all that technology, tequila, scantily clad women, freebies ...

Hi drk,
It's a tough job, but heh, someones got to do it ;-)

I can't believe the level of freebies you guys get over there. CeBIT Australia this year was rubbish, the only free thing I got was a usb extender thing with an LED in it to diagnose your USB ports. I long for the days of Hacktoberfest. But I'm working full time as a sys admin now, so none of this running around for days on end at tradeshows :(
It's good to hear you're out of the hospital and back up to your old tricks!

Hi O_P,
Good to hear from you :-)
I look up your site quite regularly...
Ipod Blues...I was lucky and got an I-River instead, I have had no problems with it so far "crossing fingers"
Even now that you have a new one I hope you havn`t given up the fight for the other one.
Take it easy
Rat +:-)

Yeah, I ended up getting the phone instead of the replacement iPod. I guess I should add that bit to my blog. In fact there's probably a lot I should add to it. I might just do that now...

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