The "joys" of computers.....No way on earth......


Blame technology...thats what I am doing ;-)

Hi folk,
Hope all is going as well as possible :-)

I havn`t, as you probally have noticed, posted recently,
Blame technology...thats what I am doing ;-)

It all started with my code crack for a well known disk burning company no longer being accepted......
I went in search of a new crack for it when my firewall went completely ape-sh1t.......
From what I could work out, it seems that as the page loaded so did a destructive virus type of created two tsk-mngr.exe's one of which was running at CPU usage 99.99% so nothing would run and when I tried to do something the box seized up and crashed ....upon reboot ...disaster.....Thanks Symantec Corp edition fully didn`t see a thing and it`s on "Paranoid Heuristics Mode"
To cut a long story short...the only thing that would work was running live disks or Dos...I tried new ram and hdd at the same time after leaving the CMOS battery out for a few hours but nothing would load or run properly, Floppys, Partion Magic, Linux everthing I could think of was thrown at the turns out my Bios is corrupted...A BIG THANK YOU ACER.... Barst* seems that they dont`t have any BIOS protection even on at least two new models that I have checked.......
So I have to reflash the Bios....Hah....Acer`s website is a nightmare to navigate and when you get to where you want to be it`s in pigeon english and you end up not sure which is the correct flash file, a mistake you can not afford to do.....So at the end of it...... eveything on that box fuqued.

I wasn`t to worried as my data "was" backed up....but.......Dear old Quantum Fireball lived up to it`s name again....all 40 gigs worth went up in smoke, fried chips with crispy bits and all......

While I`m in this mood....." LINUX" they try to tell you it`s a user friendly system on par with windows and that all the sheep out there can convert straight from Windoze with no problem at all....So why is so difficult to add any thing to your Os as an afterthought...unlike Windoze you click on the .exe and have a nice GUI interface to walk you through the install (which most of the time works) and jobs done......just what the workers want......
With Linux it is more remanicent of loading things through Dos, something that I havn`t needed to do for a long time, and then it still doesn`t work....I like to think that compared to your average Joe Blog out there that I might be a bit more savvy when it comes to computers and yet Linux still gives me loads more grief in some ways than Windoze (which ...ok it`s got problems as well)

More soon (Rant Over)
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Linux and UNIX are only really really really cool when you understand them - then you can realise the full power of the system.

But - for 99% of tasks windoze is enough - its the tough tasks (i.e. needing a bit of programming) that become easier.

Much to my disgust I have no Linux at the moment - my server is broken and refuses to recognise disks, operating and boot partitons on C and D - so I have to boot of what would normally be the E drive. (I think the onboard disk controller is half broken)

None of my linuxes handle it - win2k does - so currently my server is win2k, iis, mysql, mt32 etc. It works - but I miss the POWER of linux.

keep on going on .... its worth it in the end.

Hehehe, ;-)

Virus? Spyware? Adware? What's that?

Hmmmmmmmmm, ain't it wonderful to go there where Bill Gates nor IBM want me to, and that with light-speed. :-))) On this multi-OS box it's OS/2 that takes care of 97% of all the daily tasks. Need for Debian or the evil-X-system?, OS/2 boot-manager let's me deside what to run.

Old DOS-ware?, it never ran as well as under OS/2, same goes for 16 bit Win-ware.

What a shame for all PC users that M$ as well as Big Blue worked hard trying to kill this venerable and most flexible of all Operating Systems.

Greetings from HappyWarper.
(1996) OS/2 Warp 4, FP15
(1994) OS/2 Warp 3, FP43

As a linux user myself my personal opinion is Linux does everything amazingly. Except the 10 most common things you average user might wanna do!

So your BIOS is corrupted? Yet you can still run LiveCDs and DOS - both of which use BIOS calls. Something smells decidedly wrong here.

Linux is just different. And there's absolutely zero need to use a shell interface these days for a regular user. May I suggest RTFM?

rat: try this live-cd:

you might find that it boots the same as other live-CDs, but has specific tools for recovering your data. Failing that, try mounting the HDD on another box and grabbing the data onto a working system.

good luck.

I would read this webpage which offers few good data recovery tips that may be of great use

Google Ubuntu or Debian

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