The new 2600 pub meeting place details and a few other bits and bobs

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For those going to the "London 2600" pub meet up..... it`s at the.....
A prototype flat antenna for Wi-fi/ Bluetooth....
My PSP 2. has pi55ed me right off....
The plod turn up search him, check date of birth and all that.....

Hi to all of you,
I hope all is going well for you.

For those going to the "London 2600" pub meet up..... it`s at the "Nell of Old Drury" , 27 Catherine street WC2.
If you come out of Covent Garden Tube and walk down Bow street past the Bow Street Magistrates Court and turn left you will find it down the side of the "Drury Lane Theatre" we will be upstairs.

I've been busy with lots of little things recently...
I am building a prototype flat antenna for Wi-fi/ Bluetooth, if it works I shall be very pleased, I hope to get about 7db
gain directionally,
There will be photos of the project at the end of it :-)

Dismantling my "Play Station 2"

My PSP 2. has pi55ed me right off...It was working fine and then I didn`t use it for a few months and it won`t load games anymore :-( it plays DVD`s no problem...?
And no, the box hasn`t been chipped.
Me and "Google" got together to find some answers to this problem,

Hmmm these ranged from :-
Check your disk....Your box is totally Fuqued to clean the lens with quite a few suggestions to do with oil the track rods and re-aligning the laser head...

I boldly ventured into the guts of the box ending up with a big pile of bits and a smaller pile of screws of assorted sizes....
I wiped the lens with an opticians cloth and lubed the rails and finally got it all back together working out that I didn`t
need to rip it all apart....

It sort of worked as in it got to the next stage after reading the disk and then froze...?????
yes, I checked the disk :-)

Lots of rude words and a couple of pints later and a herbal.....I took the thing apart again and found a worm drive unit that was lurking under a plastic plate and gave it a clean and re-lubed it, put all back together again, and lo and behold it damn well worked :-)

If any one is interested in the easy way of sorting the same sort of problem...apparently quite common with Sony Playstations, I will put up a blog up on how to do it, I have taken a lot of photos of the process and can soon knock out a write up.

A guy walks into the phone shop and says to staff do you remember me?...No...where`s my Phone? I`ve got a receipt.... Errr Ok, Where is it? ...I left it at home....Ok when did you bring it in ? and what sort of phone is it ?`s a silver flip and I brought it in in 1969....WWWWhattt??????....I brought it in in 1969!!!....Dude how old are you ?....23 why? were not even born then let alone the fact that flip mobiles were not even invented then, your wasting my time, just peace off,
The nut then calls the old bill from outside the shop where he just been persuaded to stay...after he started to make threats of violence.
The plod turn up search him, check date of birth and all that, then asks him whats going on, they then come into the shop and asks the staff whats going on ? who then explained about 1969 etc,
The Police told him not to come back without the proper printed reciept and then off they and him go in different directions.
The West End can be amusing at times :-)

Thats it for now, more after the meeting on Friday.
Thanks for visiting
The Reverend Rat +:-)

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Oi, rat, how u doin? Still studying and trying to look intelligent... What about you?

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