Madonna doing Confessions in town, plus a few other bits...


Hi to all of you,
I hope your had a good Christmas / Solstice / Holidays / Nollaig Beag / Hogmanay / Yuletide / Festive Period, New Years Eve or whatever you call it :-)

I am still recovering from the excessive eating that I have been indulging in over the last couple of weeks and seem to be wanting to hibernate most of the time :-)
My local pub did a private function for New years eve, there were forty people on the guest list, all of them turning up including me.
There was an entertainer who was very good, loadsa Champagne and a huge buffet....and the bar was open till 4am.
The photo shows just one small part of the food.
So as I am feeling so lazy I am just going to post some photos that didn`t go up before for one reason or another :-)

My bonfire on November the 5th at the local church

What this was doing parked up around here is anyones guess as we are not anywhere near the charge zone.
Congestion Charge Van

I thought there was already enough cowboys in town...
Cowboys in town

Now come on, do you really need 8 guys for a half metre square hole?

This guy was doing a photo shoot in China town, I had never heard of him before but then I am not really into motor sports.

Andy Priaulx-1

Andy Priaulx-2

Madonna was on over the road from the Internet cafe at the "Astoria" promoting her latest offering to the fans,
There were two huge queues to get tickets, one was VIP and the other was an online lottery for the remaining tickets from G.A.Y. in Compton street.
Madonna Astoria

Greek street looking right

Greek street looking left


Vip Queue

The Holy Grail

And last but not least...
Follow The White Rabbit

I shall try to be a bit more regular with my postings in the future, I must admit I have been quite lapse the last few months.
Part two of the Hospital story will also be up soon :-)

Time for a snooze, speak to you all soon.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Hey Rev! Happy new year and sorts, Hope your ok now, Long time since we spoke. Hope lifes treating you well. Do you think you will be attending this years brum2600 meet?

Hi rundata,
Happy new year to you and also hope that you are well :-)

Brum,I hope so...
Has Birmingham recovered from the last visit from our mob?
I will try to be more quiet with opening the Champagne next time ;-)
The Reverend Rat +:-)
I hope Nandos don`t remember us.....TeeHeeHee

lol, i didnt actually attend the last one, the last minute change of location scorned the mission ;0 hope to see you at the next one! ps email about the thing at nando's :p

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