The Reverend Rat is back in hospital


The Reverend Rat is back in St. Thomas' Hospital across the River Thames from the Houses of Parliament.

He is likely to be there for at least a day or so, as he is wandering about trailing an intravenous drip etc.

We wish him a speedy recovery.



I just ring the hosptial to find out what ward Rat is in. The lady who answered the phone could not find him on their list so he's probably out.

Just spoke to Rat. He has serious blood poisoning. He is in the Alan Atley ward, floor 11.
Visiting times are 2pm to 8pm.

He has forgotten the charger for his iPod and would appriciate it if anyone could drop in with one, perhaps just to give him one charge.

He would also like the loan of any entry level linux books.

Probably a charger for his Compaq Ipaq rather than an Apple IPod is what he needs.

Hi Everyone,
It looks like I might be here for couple of days more at least,
Hi Bob and wtwu, yes it's an ipaq 2200 series but I am going to go AWOL and collect my laptop from work and use the time to learn more about Linux :-)
The Reverend Rat +:-)

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