St Thomas and Guys Hospital Patient Care....BwaHaHa, Biggest load of bollox going!!!! Part 0ne.


Hi everyone, Sorry it`s a couple of days late but I have been so knackered that I havn`t had the strength to do much.
This is how it all started.....
A note in my diary....

3rd Dec 2005
Woke up in the morning with pain in my right wrist, it has got worse during the day, I think that I must have slept on it with it being pushed back against the joint, small amount of swelling and a lot of pain in the wrist joint and hurts when touched, also if still for more than a couple of minutes it hurts like hell, and it completely locks up. I strapped it up and went to bed.

If still the same or worse in the morning I will get it checked out :-(


The next day it`s hurting like hell and went to the St Thomas and Guys Hospital (from now on written as T@G)
thinking that maybe I caused a stress fracture in the little bones in the wrist, Xray, plaster cast and go home was the general anticipation.
Off came the bandage and my wrist didn`t want to move in any direction and was vivid reddish purple with a red line running up my arm.....Agghh, with my experiences of junkies I know blood poisoning when I see it.....oh SH* we go.

The Doctor came over and tried to see how much movement I had in it and phisically tried to flex it, that was agony, I must have left the bed by a couple of feet....and then the prat did it fist stopped about 2 inches from his face...he was completly shocked he didn`t even move, just standing there with his mouth open, after a few seconds he blurted an apology and said he won`t touch it again.
He decided that it was Sceptic Arthritis, so says I, why have I got a red line running up my arm?
He trots of and comes back with someone more senior and after a couple of minutes came up with Cellulitis a bacterial infection which is rather dangerous ie, fatal....without it getting sorted out.
It seems that this is an infection of the cells in the lowest layers of the skin and is as rampant as MRSA as in it uses the same route to migrate to your glands etc, and because of this it is difficult to kill.
I had my temperature taken and it was 37.6 a little high but not to bad, I have had a lot higher.

I am now told that I will be staying in and finally got shifted to ward after having a pile of test tubes worth of blood removed for tests.
I know on the ward and get a drip with an antibiotic in it, It starts with " Fluor" and ends with "cillin" I can`t remember it`s full name, it`s supposed to be the strongest antibiotic available and is the same one they use for MRSA...this was then accompanied by Penicillin v a broad spectrum antibiotic.

So here I am on the ward and trying to get some snooze in between "obs" and refills...But because some stupid C*nt
that probally has never tried sleeping on a public ward has pesuaded the hospital to have patient TV/ Internet and phone all in one unit above every bed.....Hmmm...not a bad idea in it self...but...they have built in speakers and no one bothers to use the headphones, because the speakers face the person they don`t hear the cacophony going on around them.
But if your not using the TV or the Free Radio it`s bedlam with all the different stations behing played, plus the fact that the "Patientline" are extortianate rip of B4s74rds...£3.50 a day to watch telly, slow Internet acsess @ 5 pence per minute (£3 per hour) that won`t even let you click on links and 10 pence per minute for landline phonecalls with incoming calls costing the caller 45 pence per minute.

"PatientLIne" *TAKE THE SPEAKERS OUT* and *DROP YOUR PRICES* you miserable bunch of W4nk3rs....
Thank you....So as all this plus the fact that the nurses station is 2 metres away from me with a patient alert system on it that makes the same sound as my front doorbell, which every time it goes off, I of course wake up thinking it is my doorbell. Grrrrr

The next day with no sleep I am fairly ratty....
More blood tests and observations....
By the evening they decided I can have a Tamazipan 10 to help me sleep...Hmmmph, I ended up slightly stoned and went for a walk around the hospital a 4 in the morning getting back with enough time to doze off for an hour before the day shift kicked in and all the lights and more noise starts.
As a result I am now fuzzy headed and even more ratty, I then find out that I am possibly going to be in for a few more days.
With boredom kicking I decided to play with the internet box and managed to completly crash was still crashed when I finally left the hospital.

So with permission I legged it over to the phone shop and picked up my laptop with the intention of watching a few DVD` install with Windoze so no DVD player installed and Suse 10`s dvd player won`t let you watch copywrited movies :-(
Yes it`s dual boot and yes I admit it, I am liking LINUX :-)
So I tried to install Kubunto but it didn`t like my laptop and refused to run a gui interface....this is when I found that I collected everything I need except my Suse disk and my WiFi G stick....double plus Grrrr.....Another Tamazipan and got a bit of sleep and woke up stoned for most of the next day.

Thats it for tonight I need to go to bed,
The next part will be soon.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


"It starts with " Fluor" and ends with "cillin" I can't remember it's full name, it's supposed to be the strongest antibiotic available and is the same one they use for MRSA."

Unfortunately Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is now also resistant to Flucloxacillin

MRSA has to be treated with the "last resort" antibiotics like vancomycin and teicoplanin, both which require slow infusion via a drip or an injection respectively.

The lack of an accurate diagnosis sounds very worrying.

Oh Sh*T....and I have developed an inflamed gland in the armpit...mind you my wrist seems to be about 90% better but I get tired very I asume something is still going on in the infection department....
I hope hospital food improves over Christmas.
The Reverend Rat +:-(

Ouch - back in hospital - sorry to hear it mate. Will try and come in and visit some time in the next week. Post up your ward mate!

Yahoo :-)
I have been put on Flucloxacillin capsules for the next week instead of having to go to hospital and stay there for a week with a drip in my arm, but if things don`t sort out I will be in hospital for Christmas :-(
Apparently the swollen gland in my armpit and the infection in my wrist are related and that it was probally a mosquito bite that kicked it all off.
Don`t forget the midmonth 2600 meeting on friday.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Thats why i exterminate all mosquitos at sight...

multi legged flying bloodsuckers are bad news.

see you at mid month


You are lucky. This week a good friend of mine had a 330ml abcess on his liver - in Goa ... he had medical insurance .. is it enough?

Here is his account:

"I had the added complication of contracting pneumonia as well which has left me feeling a bit weak.

I dont reccommend an Indian hospital to anyone [even a really posh one] but definetely dont do the intensive care thing, things look like they work but the vital AA batterys that keep every thing running are shared -- so nothing works all at the same time!!

Phew they do some really scary things in there man ---- Im glad Im out!"

Everyone I know who is ill should get well soon for xmas. - drk

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