Storm Troopers and a few bits...


To Any One Trying To Phone Me....My Phones Been Nicked....
I had it before I got on the tube and after I got off I realised it had gone :-(

I was in the "Laurie Arms" Shepherds Bush Road and couldn`t help notice A Budweiser beer pump with a LCD screen showing adverts, the display was crystal clear, I couldn't find any clues as to who makes them but did find out from the manager that there are only 75 of them in the UK, and are updated via a removable chip.
Beer Pump

I suposedly have a 10Mb connection....but thats not what limewire reckons ???
Turbo Boosted

You don`t want to mess with the security in the West End :-)
Door Security 1
Door Security 2

Last Friday there was a fight going off in my little street and one of the yoof tried to throw a pallet at someone else and missed...

I don`t seem to be getting on to well with this cycling lark, I'm going up Kensington High street and a flat bed van loaded with tree prunings goes past and one of the bits of branch was sticking out and got me, it was only when I got home I realised what it had done....
Damaged Again

A cheeky West End milk float spotted in Charing Cross road.
Ooo-er Missus

Well Thats it for now and don't forget 2600 on Friday, I will be a bit late as I am doing my firework display first.

Thanks for reading,
The Reverend Rat :-)


Ouch Rat - but kudos for keeping with the cycling.

Now, can you operate fully without a phone...?

You work in a phone store right? Won't be long before you're back in business I'm sure. At least you don't have the problems I'm having with my phone...

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