British Transport insecurities.....Thanx B*st*rds

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I missed my friend Dave`s stag night due to being in hospital, but another chance to celebrate the wedding came up as an after the event party in New Cross Gate :-)
I was well chuffed and looked forward to going and set off this being early Sat evening with the intention of going for a couple of hours so that I can get back to Hammersmith before all the fighting kicks off at closing time in my local pubs......this meant leaving the party around eight thirty
Started at Tottenham Court Road tube station and found it closed off...It was kick out time for the theatres plus cold people leaving Oxford street swarmed the station, but there was an escalator out of action, and had been for a week.
When things got full "they" closed the escalators from going downwards and herded everybody down the emergency stairs, 100 hundred steep steps spiraling downwards, and because there were less trains than usual the platforms got too full and so "they" closed down the station.
Piccadilly Line was out as was Leicester Square (overcrowding), the Central Line (?), the Jubilee Line (one under), and a chunk of District and Circle Line (engineering works) all of which I found out the hard way....I am now very knackered.....
I rang Dave again and he suggested go overland and catch the train from Charing Cross station, so here I go and walk to the station and can not see New Cross / Gate on the destination boards.
I go over to the information desk, and it is literally a table with a few bits of paper and a walkie talkie standing on it...whoa...a lonely walkie talkie ("radio" from now on) with no owner in sight, just sitting there ...sorry, standing there just for the taking, there were a few disgruntled people waiting at the table and the guy at the front had been there over ten minutes with out any sign of staff.
At this stage I noticed a large back pack (passenger side) leaning against a notice and asked if it belonged to any of them, No, they say in unison, I look around and can not see any staff, Police or official to report both of these things to.
I have now been there ten minutes and picked up the radio and waved it in the air for a few minutes to see if it would attract the CCTV operators I went walk about and found a cleaner who unfortuanately didn`t seem to speak English and I can`t speak African languages, after waving the radio about and not looking happy something clicked, she took me to a ticket collector who didn`t really seem to want to take the radio and didn`t even vaguely look or behave bothered about the back pack, let alone ask whats it look like ? and exactly where is it ?
Well me being me decided to find either the Police or the Station Masters office or at least some one else to report this to....nope, but I did find another ticket collector, but his attitude was the same.
I now go back to the first guy and ask whats happening? Oh that he says, it`s my mates he`s in the toilet I called him on the radio...hmmm.....bit strange this is, as his mate hasn`t got his radio...we`ve have ?????
So what about the back pack ?......that`s his as well, I recognized it when i looked at it.....which is a load of Bollox, as I had been watching all the time and nobody with a fluorescent orange vest went to look at it or even near it.
So I ask were the "powers that be" informed and if so where are they?
At this he suggested that I leave the Station before he calls "Da Security Boyz" and have me chucked out, when I asked why ? he said I was being a trouble maker and it would be better if I leave.........
If I had had any energy left I just might have said bring it on, It would have been entertaining, after I explain what had happened.

So, Dave, I am sorry that didn`t make the party but I was totaly fuqued and just wanted to get home....I hope that it was a good one :-)
The Reverend Rat +:-)
Check this song, It`s Brilliant :-)

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With your hair and beard you might be counting your blessings you are not on the way to Guantanamo bay by now ... or laying in the morgue.

Please be careful Rat .. there is a fine line between "trouble maker" and "terrorist" in this paranoia fueled 21st Century.

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