Reverend Rat in Hospital :-( A quick synopsis.


This is just a quick idea of what happened, in the next few days the full story complete with complaints and all sorts of things to be aware of if you are going in to hospital will be written up.

I woke up with a blinding pain in the back of my head which wouldn`t shift for a couple of hours even with pain killers, I found that my balance and eyesight were also up the creek as also was my voice, this I put down to my tooth infection, thanks to a sesame seed down the side of my tooth and gum.
I got into town and everyone was asking if I was Ok, when one of my friends noticed that when I smiled only one side of my face moved,
This guy has had all sorts of things wrong with him over the years and is quite clued up on a lot of medical conditions, so I took his advice to go to hospital.
St Thomas`s was the closest.
The way in

Within 45 minutes I had been booked in, checked out on ECG machine, had a blood test for Diabetes and put on a ward on the ninth floor.
My Window
I had a really good view from there and no the camera was not out of focus...I was behind 2 layers of glass.
View 1
View 2
View 3

Once in bed I was given loads of blood tests and hooked up to a multi function blood pressure machine,
At one time my blood pressure was 255/160 which is supposed to be 130/80....not good at all :-(
Blood Pressure monitor

I then had a CT scan of my head.
This confimed I have had a "MINI STROKE"
CT Scanner

The next day more blood tests and a MRI scan...extremely claustrophobic...not nice.
This showed without doubt that the rear right part of my brain had been damaged by the stroke.
MRI Scanner

I have had no sleep for 3 days and was getting bemused and irritable.
Shell Shocked

My poor old brain cell, well whats left of it decided that I had had enough of no sleep and went home, the hospital was none to pleased, but I am none too pleased with them either...more of why in the next blog.

I had a great nights sleep and went to Charing Cross hospital in the morning this being just around the corner from me, I got prescribed a few drugs and told no more drinking or smoking unless I want a full blown stroke.
On the way back I saw this amazing sculpture, it's made of wire coat hangers and was a sod to photo as it was behind glass with light reflecting from everywhere.
Space 1
Space 2
Well thats it for now, I am needing around 15/16 hours sleep a day, this allows the brain to try and patch, bodge, rewire and whatever else it needs to do in peace and quiet.
Take it easy and have fun.
Thanks for reading,
The Reverend Rat +:-)

My window, The way in and CT / MRI scanner pictures are courtesy of google, I will try to find the urls and put them on the next blog, I like the original photographers to get their credit.


Are you up to entertaining visitors? We will call round somtime with a bunch of grapes.

Cheers Bob,
I've escaped, I'm at home nowdays :-)
Otherwise the answer would have been yes, but, thanks for the offer.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Good to see you're alive and well. You'll have to change your sign off tag now, no more spliffs and cider :(
Save them up for me next time I'm over :)

Hi Op,
Good to hear from you and I hope all is well,

As for me....
Heh, there's always Bhang Lassi, and as for the Cyder, I'm allowed the recomended daily amount of two pints :-) but I`m not allowed to save them up and do them all at once :-(
It's the smoking that they are more worried about.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Hay rat hope things turn out ok.

Gonna pop down to the next meet so hope your around.

Sorry about the bad news! :(

look after yourself



heh worth a try :)


heh worth a try :)

Hi, Gtrf,
See you at the meet, I havn't missed one since I started attending :-)
The Reverend Rat...

Nope ;-)
The Reverend Rat

Been trying to call you mate. Hope everything is ok. You seem to have been up to things - your blog looks all different. Take care. Drop me a line!



Great to hear that you're fine mate. :)

was just showing a film about stroke sufferers; seems that bloodpressure is the key to reducing stroke occurrance... get well soon mate.

Hi Dunx, Wilq and San,
Phone was off a lot of the time Hospitals ect...thanx for trying to get in touch.

You need to send me your snail mail address for the London 2600 hat to be sent to you,
Thanx for your comment.....

I am winning already :-)
I am allowed two pints and four smokes ? a day, this plus the pills have brought my pressure down, I can still chase people up the street and all the rest of it, but no marathons...but I didn`t do marathons before so I'm not worried about that :-)
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Hey Rat, sorry to pester you with my email, not knowing you were ill and all, hope to catch up soon x

Hi nbco,
Don't worry about pestering :-)
Back in the old days we used to use the fire brigade access panel....

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