It`s been a while...


Hi Folks,
Many thanks to you all for the comments and huge amount of emails re my health, it`s been a marathon keeping up with the replies :-)
Due to Hospital / Doctors appointments, Linux (grrr) and lots of running around I havn`t had the energy to do much.
I am in the process of getting the next post ready...I have just finished with it should be up in the next couple of days :-)
The NHS, Doctors, Hospital rant, report thingy will be done soon, as I am still chilling out over the experiences.....and the story is still going on.
Thats it for now
The Reverend Rat +:-)
Still managed to find some time for war walking in the docklands.
War Walking.jpg


w00tz Glad to see you are getting better.

That was one cold ass day (pictured)

See you Friday :)

-- Belial

Hi Belial,
Prepare for a Linux brainstorming...user friendly penguins?....bah...
Do they work better if you hit them with a big stick?
See you and the mob Friday
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Be carefull, the penguins hit back. If tux starts acting up, and you need some help, let me know. Me and tux have an agreement.

Its good to hear that you are recovering, and I wish you all the best.

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