Reclaim the Beach party....The Thames, Festival Hall Pier, London. 24-09-05

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I took some photo`s of the event including some of the "Outdoor Cinema" feel free to use any of these, If you do, it would be nice to let me know though :-) Thanks

Hi Everybody,
I went to the party feeling pretty knackered, and didn`t stay still the end as I had ran out of Cyder and there is no Bar anymore, It seems the "Powers That Be" demanded that it stays closed...or else...
I reckon they are just pi55ed off that they can`t join in :-p

Under the Festival Hall there is a huge space where loads of people Skateboarded but now most of it is boarded up,
The Owners have allowed a small space to be used and even move the jump blocks around for the boarders upon request, they have also allowed graffiti to be sprayed on the boards on the promise that no-one touches the concrete....well, a compromise of sorts instead of fuqc off, nice one.

I get to the beach first and notice a sign on the gate.
So I went down had a look around, everywhere looked ok so I started the party opening my cider etc, and gradually people arrived and started to get it all together finding firewood, emptying the van of equipment and setting everything up.
Projector and DJ space-1

Projector and DJ space-2

Setting up the screen
There was about 50 minutes of films including 3D, for which we were given green and red lensed goggles to be able to see the effect.
Here are a few screen shots.
My favourite film...It was damn funny
Cucumber Man-1
Cucumber Man-2
All this was viewed in comfort by a leet few of us that were in the Box Circle :-) with every one else behind us.
The Box Circle

As they often do, the Fire Performers turned up and put on a good display...
And finally some pictures of the crowd.
Duncan, Dave and Headley good friends of mine
This Guy really wanted his picture taken

Well thats it for now, Thanks for visiting and come back soon.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

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Great picture set mate - will probably raid this for the upcoming rtb site!

Hope your tooth is sorted!


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