Paras in Soho, plus a few other bits.


Warning to Vampires...
Legless person...
Ouch and more ouch...
Plus even more...

Hello to all of you out there, I hope things are going well for you...

Lots of photos in this one as I havn`t had a lot of time on my hands with one thing or another, it didn`t help a couple of days ago when I had my blog head on, I had nearly finished writing up everything and said to myself finish this sentence and save, just as the connection went down and all was lost Grrrr....

Brazilians celebrate "Independance from Portugal" this is the 187th year since it happened.
I felt sorry for them as it was raining and cold, there were only between fifty to one hundred of them involved in this peacefull parade, but the "powers that be" thought it neccesary to send five hundred plus Police to look after it...half of the time you couldn`t even see the paraders through the sea of dayglo hazard vests.

The Parade

Parade Poster

I have no idea what the Bus driver was thinking on this one...
He`s turned left into a dead end street with a pub at the end of it, he has then had to block off all the traffic for ten minutes or so while trying to get the bus back out.

More history gone...
There was a triangle of property next to The Palace Theatre, Cambridge Circus, it`s right behind the Cambridge Pub, one of the shops was the "Orbital Comics" which has been there for years.
More demolition in town-1

More demolition in town-2

I like this number plate it`s on one of those "hybrid cars" I think it`s a "Prious"
Hybrid Motor

I had a little girl run out in front of me on the bicycle this is after behing warned twenty metres in advance with an airhorn, I missed her and went over the handlebars with the bike coming down on top of me...fuqin front pull on the brakes and it goes down and makes it easier to be catapulted over the top....
The Arabic family with her just walked off to Bayswater and ignored me on the ground.....THANX WANQUERS....
I get home to notice a big lump on my shin and generally ignored it for a few days but then it started to look lots worse with all my foot starting to go purple and was a lot more painfull to move around on.
So off to Hospital I go to get told if I had left it for two more days I would have been either dead or minus a leg from blood poisoning, I ended up in bed for three days with my foot in the air and two weeks of sitting around with it still in the air, it seems to be okay now.

And more Ouch

This is one of those photos that you look at and realise somethings not quite right.
Legless and not me :-)

I was a little surprised to see these guys wandering around SoHo.

Would you believe it?
Oh my God, They killed the phone again!!!!

Another view

I seem to see a lot of phone boxes crashing these days.


From the same people that brought you my Anti Beggar T-shirt, The Crowbar Pub, has rules and warnings.
The Rules

Warning to Vampires

Well thats it for now, thanks for looking and I will blog again soon.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


How does one manage to knock over a phone booth like that?
Did it get hit by a truck, or is there a selct group of people who uproot it all the time for kicks?

Trucks every time, they have been replaced a few times, but this is the cleanest kill so far.

hey rat, if you log IP addresses, do me a favor and write this one down.
L 2600

@ anonymouse

Who else has a log file of this information ?



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