London 2600 5th August meeting report


London 2600 5th August meeting report:

On the way to the meeting I saw this on a pub window.

Not allowed

I got to the meeting at the "College Arms" and started playing with my Ipaq and went online via an acsess point across the road when a friend turned up with a Zone H t-shirt to replace the one I lost.
Hi Rat here`s your shirt happy xmas, yeah alright but can you get out of the way ? You're blocking my signal, I`ve a tree on one side and a transit van on the other and your standing in the middle, cheers.

Thanks for getting the shirt dude, I am well chuffed.

Whilst on the topic here`s a shirt I got given by the "Crobar" a little pub down the side of "Foyles Bookshop" on the other side of the street next to the guitar shop.
Says it all

A few of us dived into a skip across the road from the meeting and found a pile of upgrade disks for DOS complete with the Microsoft license agreements
Dos disks

At the "Trocadero Centre" where the meeting starts, a group of fifteen Algerians turn up and ask to the meeting if they like Open Source and programing, they got told that it was a bit of a general question, and they left ????

Other things disscused....
Human growth hormone replacement therapy.
Aviation law concerning flying low altitude microlights over the sea and across England.
House rendering ?
Lock picking devices.
Using "Tor" from exit points to restrict firewall access to your server and using onion routing, I was given an url for more info but the background noise drowned out my Ipaq mike.

There were lots of other things being discussed but even I can`t be everywhere at once.

So thats it for now.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


u should have my home email somewhere

living in spain and it's HOT

just had adsl installed (finally) and have wifi'd the house .. but my walls are so f***ing thick i can't get a signal in the bedroom *sigh*

mail me .. i think i might have some quaestions now i have reached the world of wifi!!!!!


Rat my son,
Good to see you're still kicking and well.
Glad you did a meet report =).
Shouts from egypt2600!

Hi E,
Good to hear from you, I asume your in Egypt...
Hows things going?
Drop me an E-mail, don`t forget to remove the *MONKEY* first though.
Hoping your well,
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Whats up Rat,
I used to work in the electronics store opposite Queens Road - its all new management now though. Hopefully I will come along on Friday see how things are.

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