Cops and more Cops and other bits

The title says it all :-)

Sorry folks it has been a long time, but with the present circumstances of our little city things have been a bit hectic...
So most of this is photos and not much writing.

I thought that there was a water shortage ?

Road block 1
Road block 2
This was a result of a bomb alert at Cambridge Circus and every one was getting stressed when these two guys get out steel drums and start playing "Don`t worry about a thing, as everything s going to be alright" well cool...Thanks Guys
Up until then everyone was walking around silent but when they heard the music you could see anyone going past started looking happier :-)
The Drummers
This little fellow got lucky, he was wandering over the floor of the internet cafe and eveyone wanted to kill him, I went up put my hand down and he curled up in my palm, I then took him out and put him in the park :-)
little Fellow

And last but not least for tonight, "THEY" the powers that be seem to be running out of cops and are now importing them from Wales.
Welsh Old Bill and no sheep?
Thats it for now,
The Reverend Rat +:-)

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