Beach Party Tonight


Hi to you all,
Sorry this is short notice but I only found out about it this morning.

There are now three different crews running Beach parties.
This means nearly every weekend there will be a party :-)
Todays is from 15:00 to 21:00 hours.
Have a good time if you go.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Sorry I forgot to mention where the party is.
It`s underneath Festival Pier on the other side of the river opposite the Embankment tube.
and it`s FREE.....
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Luckily this location,180250&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

seems to be, for now, just outside the controversial new Parliament Square protest / demonstration exclusion zone, the boundary of which goes along Hungerford Bridge,

It is within "one kilometre in a straight line from the point nearest to it in Parliament Square"
so try not to make enough noise that could be heard in Whitehall.

Hi wtwu,
Thank you for this info, hmmm...dodgy, but does it cover the "no mans land" where the party is held ?
The Reverend Rat +:-)

"does it cover the "no mans land" where the party is held ?"

Not yet, but the Order setting out the Designated Area (maximum size of one kilometre in a straight line from the the nearest point in Parliament Square) can be changed at any time.

The scale on the map,180250&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

is 500 metres per square, so you can see that the Beach Party site is just over 500 metres from the edge of Parliament Square, in a straight line.

One Kilometre in a straight line, the maximum extent of the Designated Area, would encompass all of Waterloo Bridge as far as The Temple Tube station on the north bank of the Thames.

What constitutes a "demonstration" ? - Just about anything that the opinion of the police officer on the spot says it does. e.g. wearing a T-shirt, a badge, a rubber wristband etc. with a "political slogan" on it.

How many people make up a "demonstration" ? - A minimum of one single person is enough.

Why is the London Eye included in the zone, but St. James's Park, only a few metres from Downing Street, is not included ? - Who knows ?

What are the penalties for not getting wrritten prior permission for a "demonstration" ? - £1000 fine and, if you are an "organiser" up to 51 weeks in jail !

The Police have specific powers regarding "loudspeakers"

Another Pledge:

"I will apply for authorisation to demonstrate in the vicinity of Parliament every day for a month from 1st August 2005 but only if 50 other responsible citizens will too."

Yo Rev, know when the next Reclaim the Beach party is?
Ta bra, Twinky

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