Well Overdue


Catching up at last :-)

Hi Everyone,
Well here we go,
Now that I can sit in front of my computer with out getting a migraine I might to be able to blog more often :-)
Todays blog is going to be a lot of pictures as they have been building up waiting for me to process them, and as there is a lot of them I am mainly going to let them do the talking...
So first of the block...Infosec hmmm, I was using my laptop to scan for Bluetooth devices, this seemed to upset the Organisers...three times, each time them telling me to pack up and or leave...
I explained that what I am doing is no different than what most people were doing, the only difference was I am using a laptop and antenna and the others were using phones or pda's.
The after party was great, with surfboard machines to play on and an Ice sculpture of a palmtree that they pour Vodka over, the Vodka then runs down the leafs and you stick your head under it and start guzzling :-)
Infosec Show
The start of the Party
Another party picture
Surfing Rat
Nice ice
To me this looks like Predator
The Party Girls
I decided to have a haircut as it's been very warm lately....
The Reverend Rat
The end result
I also had another tatoo done by a friend in town.
Work in progress by Steve
Job done
And last but not least....The best bed I have seen in a long time :-)
Thats it for now and hopefully my next blog will be done a lot sooner,
Take it easy and thanks for looking.
The Reverend Rat +:-)


Like the haircut.

Cheers Glen,
It`s just to warm in town for long hair, and on the tube it`s even worse.

Fancy them Infosec people getting phreaked out with all of them security people about. :) Not feeling secure at a security show? Whatever next.

Hi Dan,
Nicely put :-)

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