Bomb alerts and odd bits


Blogging has been unfortunately slowed down a bit....

"Chinatown has been pretty well boarded up"...

"Vote with your throat"...

"Bomb alert - attache case blown up by the police"...

"Stinky Corner"...

Well Here we go again....

Blogging has been unfortunately slowed down a bit while I try to get a handle on this Spondylitis migraines business, it`s not nice...

But putting that aside here`s the news :-)

Chinatown has been pretty well boarded up, most of the shops have gone.
China 1
China 2
China 3
China 4

With the elections looming the local "Nicholsons pubs" have joined up with the "Evening Standard" newspaper to bring you the "Vote with your throat"

You are faced with three beer pumps with the same ale, in each pub, but 3 seperate party colours and you chose a pint of who you might vote for....

This is then watched over by the computer in the pub and the results are chalked up in the individual pubs as to who is winning the race on a beer barrel over the bar called the swig `o`meter...

The swig `o` meter
Pub Pumps

Here we are all enjoying an afternoons internet when I notice a bit of Police activity outside and a little cul-de-sac opposite us getting cordoned off and then more of the Charing Cross Road getting closed down bit by bit...

I wander over and ask as I am at the Internet cafe across the road sitting behind big windows, am I at risk from anything? the answer was I says is there a risk of explosion? ummmm yes!!!! well I think so but the Bomb Squad havn`t arrived yet...
It turns there is a suspect package behind the Football Association HQ, and rapidly the area is being cordoned off...

This Copper walks in and says "Who is in charge?" I step forward and say quite a few of us whats the problem?....ah yeh ok , you need to evacuate the place.

The sysad behind me says is this "take our time and get them out slowly"?, Or get them out fast? The Copper then says Very Fast like Now or Before...

Hmm says I and grabs all my kit (cyder laptop Cyder) , helps to get everyone out, and you then you always get some dickhead...This one an American female...yeah just hang on I need to finish this and print it out...Lady there is a bomb alert..So!!!..who the hell is going to print your documents when every one has near enough left? save to disk and leave or I unplug the computer...oh no you caaaanntd do thhhat I still need to print out....yeah but there is nobody else here to print out your docs....I don`t care, you still can`t do it! fffftzz oh dear your computer is switching off :-) everyone went out the front door to join the sheep at the top of the street while yours truly legs it upstairs through a few doors along a couple of passage ways and into the recording studio that was just out of the Police cordon.

I have been chatting to this Copper off and on by the front door which opens into Denmark Passage when he comes belting around the corner into my bit (the side door of the "Twelve Bar Club") tugging his helmet frantically over his head, at which I ask whats happening? there might be a few bangs and he legs it up the passage....

One small bang later, all is over

It turns out these two well dressed Arabic / ? people have gone around the back door of the HQ, then got on the phone for a couple of minutes and went, leaving behind a locked attache case on the ground.
I managed to sneak a photo of the debris and got asked by security what you doing? I says whats it look like? I`m taking a picture,

They were not amused and told me to sod off.

Up goes the tape
All out
Move the van
Road Block
Whats left of the attache case

Someone must be having a laugh here...honest...this is the corner opposite the "Astoria Club" Charing Cross Road where all the Stinkies crack/smack/alchoholic heads haunt, waiting for the methadone/morpine/needle exchange to open or an easy person to rob.

Stinky corner
Well sorry that thats all for now, but I will try to write up as often as possible, health permitting...
I hope you are all are as well as possible, take care and try to make someone smile each day, it costs nothing but the rewards are great :-)
The Reverend Rat
Ps, Thanks for reading my blog...


Sorry to hear about your illness - I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photos from around the big smoke. You've got a good and interesting perspective on things I reckon so please keep on writing!

Cheers Gary,
Thank you for the feedback :-)

Spondylitis migraines business? wozzup Rat, bin munchin 2 many burgers? Get well soon is my advice.

Hi Ada,
To many Burgers.... What....Me?

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