Save Chinatown campaign update and the Chinese New Year celebrations.

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The name "Min Quan" derives from the Chinese words 'civil rights'

Most of this article is adapted from the Min Quan Chinese Community Newsletter.

Developer Rosewheel`s plan to demolish the shopping parade in Newport Court.

3,000 Petition Signatures Collected.
1,650 collected from London addresses.
1,150 were from outside London.
200 were only signed with email address or no address at all.
Over 100 were from overseas.

Rosewheel stated that it was going to submit a Stage two planning application to Westminster Council in the last two months of 2004. More recently, Rosewheel has announced that it has postponed its petition date to the first half of 2005. In view of this the Save Chinatown Campaign has extended the deadline of its petition campaign to the end of June 2005.
If you go to this website you can sign an electronic petition, the more the merrier :-)

The Campaign has a lot of supporters from Lawyers, Planners, Accountants and local history experts who have offered their time and expert knowledge to assist in preserving the special character of Chinatown.

To date Rosewheel has denied that it needs planning permission for stage one of its development plan. Expert opinion have pointed out that Chinatown is located in the Soho conservation area. Therefore Rosewheel is required to consult the public and to obtain Conservation Area consent prior to any development work.
Further, because the Stage one development included plans to demolish shops, remove walls, change the configuration of the service road and to convert the shops into small market stalls, planning permission is required.The understanding is that Rosewheel did not apply for any planning consent from Westminster City Council.

So if you have your "lets do something, hat on" you could try writing to the Council to ask why Rosewheel appears to be exempt from the planning permission requirement for its Stage 1 development.

Since all this came to light it has been discovered that Rosewheel`s plans for development is more ambitous and extensive than everyone were led to believe.

Rosewheel is presently attempting to instill part 2 of their plan...Buying up the island block opposite the Porcupine pub and Sandringham buildings (2-8 Newport Place, 18-26 Newport Court and 47-49 Charing Cross Road) to annex its redevelopment scheme. Already the erosion of Chinatown is spreading even before the first demolition has started.


Jabez Lam, telephone number 07940 514 268.

Campaign Address...
Save Chinatown Campaign,
14 Featherstone Road,


Here`s my little report on the New Years celebration in the year of the Cockerel.

The preperations were up and running a few days before the event, starting with a mountain of bamboo poles getting wrapped in gold cloth and then fastened to the lamposts in the area after that they hung banners on them and made loads of kites and hung them all over the place, but they were looking very bedraggled by the day as we have had rather a lot of rain and strong winds...
I got there after finding out that the tube was not stopping, due to overcrowding, at Leicester Square, and so had to get off at Picadilly Circus, there were so many people that Soho, Piccadilly, Chinatown and Leicester Square was a solid wall of bodies.
As a result I missed a lot of what was going on but I did manage to get some photos of what little I saw.
The "Old Bill" were in on the act giving out red bags with a few bits and pieces, one of which is a red envelope with a chocolate coin bearing a logo of the Met police....from what I could understand from a Chinese friend of mine the envelopes usually have cash in them and are given out as reward to anyone that you think deserves them, but normaly to children within the family.
All in all a good time was had by everyone, and we hope that this won`t be the last one.
Loads of Bamboo
There be Dragons
There be dragons-2
Gerrard Street
Met Token
More food
Local traders
Pagoda Square
Gerrard Street Entrance
I was going to the pub and spotted an expensively made hand bag still zipped up hidden behind a lampost outside of Leicester Square tube station. I saw a cop car cruising past and pointed it out and they took a quick glance from within the car and drove off...
There were a few tube staff having a cigarette outside the tube station watching what was happening and came to the conclusion that as its right outside the tube station it therefore falls into the remit of the London Transport Police...
I went over to it and prodded the bag very gently with my walking felt rather heavy...
The Cops turn up, kick the bag then pick it up and unzip it...4 cans of beer and two emptys...
Ok, so it didn`t go bang but if it was a small bomb with a solar panel trip or sensitive to shock there would have been a few people hurt as its right next door to a crowded bus stop...
The Scene

This tickled me....
Update ?


And thats it for now, I will try to keep updating more often....I might be getting a 4 Mb internet 24/7 unlimited connection from home and as all the people in my street that have a computer...4 of us, 2 are on Homechoice and 1 thinks that there is no need for a fast connection with a 486 :-)
And me with a straight thru connection to the exchange 300 metres away I don`t think I have to worry about the 20/1 contention ratio as know one else will be on it :-))
All for £30 a month and no minimum contract. they make more money from the phone calls...hmmm voip anyone?
The Reverend Rat


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hey rev,
Me feel tired and fed up with dark dayz and dark nightz, time to put on our dancing dr martins, and rubber gloves (recycling the crap)and bring love and laughter bac to the London beach, (ok ok the little clump of mud that makes ya dr martins orange) again, so if ya kindly give us ya blessing and lead me unto 'tempo beats that lift up my soul and set my sprit free. so when b da next 1 again, rev me up and set the rat back 2 the beach. plz reply me cant keep taking any-more prozac, need summer to start with a spring.
its HelLoOoOoOoOo from me,
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