Damned computers


I`ve got to organise my computers a bit better....

Hi everyone,

I`ve got to organise my computers a bit better....as in backing up...my main box decided that it wasn`t happy with a few programs that were running on it and threw a wobbly, it ended up with a complete reinstall...two hours into this my laptop starts giving me grief over some clash with Nero burn 5.5 and Photoshop CS...yep you guessed it another box to sort out, the only thing is that the laptop was the backup for the other box :-(
It took a lot of searching through quite a few hard drives on other machines to get most of my stuff back, but I did lose about 30 gigs of music and movies, Lesson learned....sort out backing up time.
All in all it took a few days worth of grief.

New Years Eve saw me at "The Enterprise Studios" in Denmark Passage otherwise known as "Tin Pan Alley", the good guys and girls invited me to a private party of musicians and guests with a few bands playing some stonking tracks....I was found in my usual position....holding up the bar,
On the stroke of midnight I launched of a load of "Air Bombs" in the passage outside to a secluded audience :-)
3 and a half bottles of Champagne and a few cans of Cyder later, it was time to go home ....the shops were already open in Hammersmith when I got back , So all in all a good party...A *BIG* thanks to my hosts.

Life in town has been fairly quiet...in fact fairly subdued, maybe they are all suffering with post Festivity fatigue.

I found a phone booth that kept rebooting on Charing Cross Rd.
Phone Reboot

Someone has knicked the parking ticket machine from the top of my street and then a bit later I find that someone has thieved a telephone box near Oxford street....When I asked the BT guys whats happening ? their answer was it was there last night but someone has swiped it....
Who nicked the phone?
And the Parking meter?

My local pub`s hoist broke down so they had to use my disabled loo for the barrels....their not stupid though they wouldn`t put the Cider in there :-(
My beer bog
Well thats it for now, thanks for looking in.
The Reverend Rat


Hello Mr Reverend Rat,

I was told by a few of your fans that I should give your Blog a read because I would find it quite interesting and indeed I have. I am particularly interested in your Wireless LAN projects and how you where able to get such range on your antenna’s, just out of curiosity did or do you need the use of an amplifier to boost the signal?

I have noticed that you are a member of “London 2600”, is the London version of “2600” the same as the US one? And how much is it to join?

Well I enjoyed reading your Blog and I wish you all the best. A. Collie

Hi Able,
The antenna doesn`t use an amplifier but works on the longer the better principle....and the beam is also focused so that all the signal goes in one direction.
London 2600 is indeed related to "The US" 2600 as in fact, so are very many others around the world :-)
It doesn`t charge membership....even though you could buy a sweat shirt ;-)
Check out http://www.london2600.org.uk you will find all the details of where and when we meet.
Thank you for reading and hope to meet up soon.
The Reverend Rat

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