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Damn...two weeks later, it`s gone :-(

I saw this tasty motor parked up at "Rouge" nightclub...

We had a tear gas attack by two girls at Hammersmith tube station....

Rats Bar....

Hi evereyone,
I`ve been a bit busy making life decisions lately, but here is the next blog....
Well...whats been going on?
There`s four weeks or so worth coming up....

Banksy safe is still there and still wrapped in plastic like almost two months now!.....Damn...two weeks later, it`s gone :-(
The last picture of the safe

I found this tunnel going under Cambridge circus but without a gas checker it wasn`t wise to investigate further...
Cambridge Circus tunnel

I saw this tasty motor parked up at "Rouge" nightclub.
It turns out it`s a car from the gumball race which is a balls out race from England to America or somewhere...involving bribing Police to get out of speeding offences etc, and they carry a large amount of cash in the back of the motor for a variety of other reasons, this has apparently been discovered by dodgy gits that try robbing the cars during various stages of the race, making for a lively event.
Gum Ball car

I got a bit worried when I got up and saw this decontamination unit outside my house...

Some guy at the Internet cafe had a Diabetes attack and the "Bicycle Ambulance" people turned up and sorted him out, it`s amazing the amount of kit that they carry...I`m quite impressed.

We had a tear gas attack by two girls at Hammersmith tube station.
Gas Poster

In town there was a whole load of silver painted carrots with pink ribbons attached to lamposts, street signs and loads of other places....
Carrot 1
Carrot 2

And the poor old telephone boxes has been crashed into again...

I`m amazed at what you can find on the streets of London....
Big find

And Finaly...After the last 2600 main meeting a group of us headed back to the Internet cafe for beers ;-)
Rats Bar

Thats it for now, thanks for reading :-)
The Reverend Rat

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