Brumcon the 3rd and last episode.

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Thanks Birmingham.....
Champagne going ons....
Fun with chickens....
And other bits....

So here I am, on the top floor of the "Britannia Hotel"and the conference is well under way, I made my way to the back of the room which was occupied by most of London 2600 and found myself a space and then dug out a bottle of Champagne from the depths of my bag,
There was a talk in mid flow and I undid the cage around the top of the bottle and the cork decided to come out all by itself
I just saw the cork start moving and got my hand over just as it came out with a big bang....apparently the guy talking had just said that if you install something or another it could cause the computer to bomb right when the cork popped, a lot of people jumped and quite a few people laughed...Well it`s one way to introduce yourself :-)

I missed most of the talks by being late but did get to see one of them on lock picking....which has made me decide that I am going to start doing lock picking demos and talks...I can`t do any worse, mind you I think it was the guys first talk and he did stress that he was a hobbyist and not a proffesional...So fair play to the guy, and some people did get to learn a few things and get some hands on experiance.

There was a small group of us going back to London and all decided to get the same bus back together...that is all but one of the guys who didn`t believe he could use his ticket on a later bus and decided to get a train, unfortunately the wrong one...the last we heard was that he was stranded in the middle of nowhere and was waiting for his mum to come and pick him up....
The rest of decided to go to Nandos to get some alcohol and food...well... we all got out side to find hat we had each nicked a chicken place holder, and were hiding the things one way or another, when a bit later in front of a lot of other people one of the guys starts wriggling about and stuffing his hand down the back of his trousers....when asked what the fuqc are you doing? He shouted
"I`m trying to get this chicken out of my a*se" the resulting looks from the people around were most amusing :-)
One of the hostage chickens

The computer terminals in the bus station got a little bit of as owned....

We got on the coach this time the bog wasn`t stinking and there was hardly anyone else on the bus so we had a good chill out going we were getting on I looked the driver straight in the eyes and said "Your not going to give us all that pre flight crap and head counts etc" are you?...erm
We had an hour wait for the night bus and all went home.
All in all a good day out....Thanks Birmingham.
Here`s a couple more photos of Brum...
The Church in the centre of town
Light blocks
Departure Screen at Digbeth coach station
this photos more in focus than I was

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Hi Rev,

I still have my chicken, perhaps a chickens reunited could be started, anyhow nice to have met you.

hope to turn up at london2600 soon.

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