Brumcon part One, Fun with NXL Shuttle.


I am in the middle of writing a mobile phone water damage, repair guide....

I was wandering around in town and spotted this bloke....

I went to the "Brumcon" in Birmingham....

Hello everyone,

I am in the middle of writing a mobile phone water damage, repair guide....
It`s getting there but needs a bit more planning and tidying up :-)
So here`s a few things that have been going on....

I was wandering around in town and spotted this bloke....Jack in a box

I woke him up to check he was OK and asked him what his name is?...
The response was, "Jaaaqquwweeee" or something very similar to that, so I said "who ?" his response was " Fuqin coppers...I`m Jack...Jack O`Reilly from Billericay **-**-195* fuqk off" !!!!

I went to the Brumcon IV in Birmingham....last time I was there, there was a big hole in the centre of town i.e. there was no city centre !!! it had been knocked down....

I got up early to go and having rang the bus company NXL Shuttle which appears to be a major part of the National coaches company and are replacing the trains to that area...
The day before I had asked.....

A: If I can pay the driver so as not to have to queue for ages at the booking office ? "yes no problem"...

B:How often do they run ? "every half hour"

C: Ok so how long will the journey take, as I have a deadline to meet?..."Hmmmm, about 1 hour forty"...cheers says I.

I gets to the station twenty minutes early and and wait in queue...I get to driver and ask to buy a ticket to Birmingham and back, to be told that as the booking office is open they are not allowed to sell tickets and I must go to the ticket office to get said ticket...
I found an official and gave him hell, who then said that you don`t need to queue at the ticket office as there is a rarely used booth that is obscured from view by the sheer fact that it is camouflaged by all the other boring looking booths which all look the same, and don`t usually do anything the degree they are almost invisible....

I get to the booth after walking around the place twice...and once again to find the bogs... I find the booth, air my grievance and send a terse Fax to head office...sod the usual complaints procedure...
The guy there was very helpful and said I had been told a load of "B*ll*ks and that the journey time was more like two and a half to three hours....with the bus leaving hourly, and then I had to go to the woman in the next booth to get a ticket...she tells me that if went by train I might make up for lost time...but it will cost around ?30, so to save a tenner I chose to go by coach and be another hour late....

Believe me this a three or four part story....I am not pleased with "NXL Shuttle" and I havn`t reached Birmingham yet....

The disgruntled Reverend Rat +:-(


hi rev, saw u at brumcon, sorry i had to leave early, got any info on that natty lil bluetooth dongle u had with the nice antenna?

email me if you can


It`s a 100mw Bluetooth device which had a little flip up antenna, with a 23db directional antenna hard wired to the original antenna points, all told it puts out a massive 10 watts of power in a straight line...the legal limit is 1 watt without a license ;-)
Sometime I am going to try it out with a satelite dish.
The Reverend Rat +:-)

at least you went to brumcon! i had no chance cause of tests at school :/ so was there anything interesting there? how late did you arrive? missed anything VERY interesting? ;)btw is there a mid month meet this friday?

hey rev, i saw you at brumcon too, nifty lil thing you have there then, i was the one with the smoke ;) heh
well gonna finish having a look around, laters

Hi Blu,
Very late, it will be blogged soon...
This Friday for Mid Month "leet" meet.

Hi Rundata,
Can`t forget it ;-)

The Reverend Rat +:-)

Send me an Email dude, as I havn`t got your addy,
The Reverend Rat +:-)

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