Nutters etc,

Hows about the nutter that threw himself off the top of Centrepoint?

"Leet meet" Tonight, usual haunt...

Wanted ...Contributers to the radio show...

Hi everyone, I hope all is well with you.
More key pushing time again....

Where do I start? ah, I know...
Hows about the nutter that threw himself off the top of Centrepoint, a building thats over thirty eight floors high at Charing Cross Road junction?

The idiot was doing a "Guinness book of records"show on TV, attempt at the longest sliding down a rope with some sort of braking implement....

The show was supposed to kick off at 13:00 hours but they had to build a big cube of 800 or so boxes around the base of the rope in case went wrong these would cushion his landing this some how took half a dozen guys about 7 hours....they obviously never had a "Lego" type kit when they were kids...

So here we have a large crowd of people watching and are well cooked in the searing heat of the day....32`C....Fuqc it was hot...and the geezer finally jumps, does a reasonably controlled slide and completely misses the boxes that we have all just waited soddin ages to be built....needless to say everyone burst out in laughter and then a bunch of guys started takind the p*ss out of the guys that had built the boxes, calling them fat w*nkers and the stunt guy a prat etc :-)

It should be on next weeks show...oh, and you might see me as I had to sign a release form for the footage they had taken of me...the photos I took, missed most of the action due to my rechargeable batteries not holding charge anymore...all three sets of them :-(
The geezer was lucky he locked on when he did, as if it was half a metre further he would have had serious back injuries, but as it was, he landed on his feet bent his knees and shot back into the air reasonably ok :-)


Here`s a couple of photos of strange sightings....
V dub-1
V dub-2
Ghost in the works
Rat racer
0-day for fox


Well thats nearly it...."Leet meet" Tonight, usual haunt...

Wanted ...Contributers to the radio show, I have got a 90 minute slot once a month on Resonance Radio, any one with topics and or skills please contact me....Thanks.

The Reverend Rat

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