Celerity kicks in..."leet meet"...etc.

I hand the girls over to the Police...

Then,... there was this mid month...

This is what happens to your phone when it gets wet....

Blog time, well and truly due,

Hi folks,
There`s been so many things happening that I havn`t had time to write anything lately...

But I have put a load of things on the back burner for now so I can do this write up...

I was walking down the Charing Cross road when I saw a commotion going on at a little newsagents, there was a gang of girls throwing bottles and attacking the guys that work there...So I call the Police and grab four of the girls to stop them escaping and one of them tries to kick me in the sphericals but gets me on the inside of the leg as I quickly evade the kick...."Master of Celerity" switched in again :-)

I hand the girls over to the Police and disappeared into the realms of the Internet cafe, until everything quietens down and on the way finds a phone fascia plus keypad on the pavement and put them in my pocket, then these two girls come in asking if they can borrow a pen so as they can access their numbers of the phone as they have just had an arguement with a guy up the road and the phone got dropped and they lost the bits and need the pen to press the pads on the phone to get their numbers...

Here, says I, i've got a pad that will fit your phone that will make things easier and I have an old fascia if you need one....Oh WoW it`s just like the one I lost thanx how much do you want for them ? and it its even got the same sort of scratches as the one I lost...yeah I says...thats the most common place for damage, they all look like that,

Her friend recognised me as behing the guy that she had kicked, and told the other girl, who said shut up, and then paid for the bits :-))

All because of them trying to do a runner with a pack of ten fags....


Then,... there was this mid month "leet meet" Hmmm....
Hazy memories :-)...

But I do know that I was dragged kicking and screaming, with me protesting loudly and with my arm up my back, to an after the pubs have shut "Private" drinking den underneath the "Phoenix Theatre" membership only....

I only have vague recollections of the event.... the first two pictures show how things looked to me at the beginning...

But where did the "Nun" come from? @;-)
Phoenix 1
Phoenix 2
Phoenix 3

This is what happens to your phone when it gets wet....
If you don`t get it dry and the battery isn`t removed, it gets a lot worse if you put it in a charger.
Phone 1
Phone 2

In my next write up I will tell you how to treat the phone and possibly get it working again.

Like who is going to nick this?

Thats it for now and thanks for veiwing.
The Reverend Rat

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