Stinkies...trashing and other bits

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Well it`s hot....45 degrees C....

Well as usual I got sh**faced....

I found a dual P2 server...

A "Stinkie" riots.....

Hi folks it me again :-)
Thanks for looking in,

Well it`s hot....45 degrees C, in the cafe and fifty plus in the direct sun, and over 30 outside in the shade ...can`t be more precise as the thermometer gives up after 49.9 and the screen throws up loadsa crazy characters....The staff are even getting there kit off !!!
Who dat man ?


I am amazed, I met a bunch of guys from America that were actually ok, we spent a couple of hours talking about cultural differences etc....and, yeah, they were cool,they are from just outside Chicago...I lost the piece of paper saying where they are from but hopefully they will read this and let me know....
The Guys

Well as usual I got sh**faced at the 2600 :-) so can`t recall alot of things said, But Gus did one his infamous talks on hacking and it was most refreshing ;-)
There was a lock smith guy from the States that found a handle of an umberella with strange electric bits and after supplying him with batteries we worked out that it was an anti rape alarm built into it..

Is this a covert decontamination unit or something ? spotted on Charing Cross Road...

I found a dual P2 server...but no hard drives or 133 ram...a box of halogen 50 watt bulbs and an 8 port "Obex slimline Commander" KVM....some 3GPP Doc`s and a Panasonic Video monitor thingy....

Honest advertising....

Tree rat invasion....
Tree Rat

A "Stinkie" riots after getting caught shoplifting in Sainsbury`s....He got nicked in the took six bicycle cops and a van with six more cops plus a couple of "Beat Bobbies" for one guy ???? it took over an hour before they were clear....

Cheeky Bunny ;-)

Something to do with "MTV" called "TLR"....Rat powered :-)

The Tube party went well with several parties on different trains all at the same time...the main party was stopped by the Police after 9 stops due to fears of overcrowding, one guy got arrested as he fell against a copper who then bounced of a moving train and then nicked him for drunk and disorderly and possibly assault, but apart from that it was good fun....
I wasn`t able to make it as it was on the same night as the 2600 meeting....
Well thats about it for now and hope to be chatting to you all soon....

The Reverend Rat

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What exactly is the Government Decontamination and Recovery Service reported by the The Independent on Sunday ? "Revealed: the UK's secret terrorism agency By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor 26 December 2004 Ministers are secretly establishing an "Ar... Read More

What exactly is the Government Decontamination and Recovery Service reported by the The Independent on Sunday ? "Revealed: the UK's secret terrorism agency By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor 26 December 2004 Ministers are secretly establishing an "Ar... Read More


The "decom" units are probably part of the

"Multi-agency Initial Assessment Team Trial

The Minister for Crime Reduction, Policing and Community Safety (Ms Hazel Blears): As part of the continuing work to improve the capability to deal with major incidents, the Home Office, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Department of Health are sponsoring a trial of a multi-agency initial assessment team (MAIAT) in the London area.

Comprising officers from the London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and the London Ambulance Service, MAIAT will provide an initial assessment of potential chemical, biological, radiological or other major incidents.

The aim of the trial is to see whether a dedicated team could add to the emergency response by providing an early, effective and integrated assessment of the nature and risk of a CBRN incident. The trial will focus on central London.

The trial will be for one year during which the overall value of the team and the specific tasks it undertakes will be monitored, and lessons would be learned as the team develops. A full evaluation will be done towards the end of 2005, and lessons learned will be shared with emergency services elsewhere in the country.

This initiative has been developed with the emergency services in London and builds on their strong working relationship. It aims to add to, not replace, the capability we already have for responding to major incidents."

i.e. London is *not* really prepared for a major Chemical, Biological, Nuclear or Radiological incident or attack.

Hi wtwu,
Cheers for that, I have some pictures of those guys coming up after a bit of excitement in town a couple of days ago.
Reverend Rat

I was a #2600 nube, was full on monkey madness.

Finally I learnt how to do my bag up properly, thanks to canadian Bobblepack guru. Respec.

I mentioned the weller pyropen, rox sox for Hot air and SM component work, really is the muts nuts.

Forgot to mention, when using the other (classic old skool) tip, shitiest Soldering Iron. Ever. No seriusly. It sucks.

Also, its Use not as previusly stated. I really should lay off the drugs.

Worship Satan
Sniff Glue


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