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Hello everyone,
I am sorry it has been so long since the last blog, but a lot has been keeping me busy,

The mid month meeting had some fun and I ended up taking apart a router wifi thingi....

There is a big bill board that they decided to rip down on the corner of Tottenham Court Road, and Charing Cross Road was all top secret and took four days was supposed to be three days, but they got it up and the ball expoded....but finally they got it right...

You see some strange people on the tube these days.
Tube people

And out and about on the of our local characters.
A Useful Guy

The strinkies have a fight and the area gets swamped by old bill ....but when the internet asks for help it takes ages......
Cops and Stinkies-1
Cops and Stinkies-2

Bodged power connector done by Queensway market laptop repairers, they charged the guy ?90.00 quid for it, and I ended up fixing it 2 months later....don`t use the Queensway centre for computer repairs

Mods???? I thought they were extinct.....:-)

Thats it for tonight but in the next couple of days you will have the full updates, and the photos ect of of my latest exploits .....NTKs do, ect

The Reverend Rat +:-)

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