Reclaim the Beach Party June 2004 photos


There is not much writing to this one as the pictures tell the story well enough :-)
But we had a wonderful sunset and a good party with another DJ and Bar turning up.
Thanks for looking


Nice party that.

You didn't get any snaps of my in my cowboy gear then?

What about that woman filming it all? Wonder where here footage is going...

Yeah!! Great party with great people! Cheers Rat for the great pix See you all at the next one
Polly (the singer & barmaid at the other bar!)

Thought you might like this:

There is one of these next to the beach party - as you know.

hey revy, u no when theres a beach thing around august?u might memba me, i was down on the 27th n we went round nicking wood from skips.joke time.

Hi Duncan, sorry but the picture of you was to blurry or was it me? thanks for the link.

Hi Fab, yes I remember you...did you see the pictures?...They were blogged, as for August I don`t know yet....

Hello Polly, I didn`t get to hear you sing, I hope to see you both at the next party...

The Reverend Rat +:-)

No, the picture is not blurry. That is how I look in real life.

If only you would stop moving so fast you would see me in all my fuzzy splendour :-)

hey ratman.tis nearing august n i was just again wonderin if u no bout any beach partays going on.its to do with the whole tide thing aint it?anyway please let me no when there is a thing going on.cheers rat.fab

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