"Notcon 04"


"Extended range Bluetooth devices" and yes it does receive as well as send info.

Hi everyone,
Here are some pictures of "Notcon 04"
Veiw from the Imperial college
Cool T-shirt
The completed device
Spec, of Johnny 5

View down-1
View down-2
View across-1
View across-2

I got there with my "Extended range Bluetooth device" and Dave Green then told me that instead of doing a static display he wanted me to give a talk on the stage.....

I had not prepared a speech and had to ad-lib,
I got on stage and sat at the table deciding that the best approach was to at least get the crowd to laugh and lighten up a bit....It felt just like being at school, as in "What I did on my summer holidays"....the camera crew were not able to do a close up of my device so I just talked about the security implications of long range bluetoothing...and yes it does receive as well as send info....

There was a brilliant student bar at subsidised prices and the party went on till closing time all in all a good day.
There will be pictures of the device wired up and on display tommorow.

Well thats it for now, thanks for dropping in,
The Reverend Rat


Dear Reverend Rat, I really enjoyed your talk at Notcon, I think everyone else did too. It would be nice if you could do a comprehensive write-up of Notcon in your blog, commenting in particular on what you thought worked well and what didn't etc. Hope to make it to a London 2600 meeting sometime, although it's quite a trek from sunny Norwich.
Take care of yourself,

Hi Karamoon,
I am going to be doing a better write up, the bit that I put up was just a temporary patch until I get some time to do some writing :-)
Thanks for posting a comment.

Best wishes
The Reverend Rat +:-)

Long-range Bluetooth? This sounds interesting. Any details on how the gadget works (I'm thinking a decent aerial and an rf amplifier - is that in the right field?)

Hi Alex,
Yes your on the right track, but I don`t think that you need the amp,
My dongle puts out 100mw, after it comes out of the antenna it`s 10 watts,
The legal limit is 1 watt, unless you have an amateur radio license....
Have safe fun and try not to fry to many pigeons ;-)

And watch you don't point it near your balls!

Some Notcon'04 videos including, Reverend Rat's talk, are available at these mirror websites:




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