Hacking and Social engineering

The Award for best "Freebees" has to go to.....

There was a "Social Engineering Seminar.....

A couple of photos to have a look at :-)

"INFOSEC"....What can I say.....?

Hi all :-)

This year I behaved myself and left the net work alone ;-)))

It was fun....free coffee, cakes and snacks in the press room....perfect for that fuzzy head first thing in the morning.....I reckon, that stuff could bump start a jumbo jet :-)

The Award for best "Freebees" has to go to.....

1.... "Computer Associates"....for their "Victorinox credit card size tool kit" and the "Double Ended Screwdriver Pen"

2...." LANdesk software" for the "Calculator/Clock/Timer/Alarm/Calender" in a nice solid metal case with a slide down front....and it runs on Cmos Batteries :-)

3. The "Show Organizers" for the free booze up on the second night.....See the photos......
Nurse !!!!!
The View


There "Has" to be a winner......and that Accolade, goes to the.......Show Organizers :-)

Free Party and Coffee....No Contest....."They Won"

Cheers and Thanks ........ :-)

There was a "Social Engineering Seminar" about to start and there was a huge queue at the entrance.....
So I waited for the guys that were talking to go in, they were easy to spot with all their paperwork and saying they were the talkers at the event.
I tagged on to them and said "me to" and walked in with them and got the best seat in the house :-)

Talking of which ....The "Who`s engineering Who" talent contest in the pub afterwards was fun :-)

And a Big hello to Martin Pfeilsticker.....Dude, good teamsmanship, "High Five" to you :-)

As for the others who knows ???? ;-)

Oh...and if you are going to boast about hacking someplace don`t do it to the Sysad/Security person of said place....oops...you know who you were ;-)

A couple of photos to have a look at :-)



..A hole in the ground I nearly fell down....
Mobile office

Thats your lot for now and thanks for reading

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