Thames Beach Party - Saturday 24th April 9pm - 3am


The next Thames Beach Party is confirmed for this Saturday 24th April 2004, from 9pm to 3am the following morning.

The venue is, as usual, on the sandy beach which appears at low tide just by Festival Pier, at the South Bank complex which includes the Royal Festival Hall and the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The Reclaim The Beach website has suggestions about what to bring along.

Rat normally gets involved in collecting old wooden pallets etc. for use in the bonfire, and also with sorting out the electricity generator which is used by various muscians etc.

Please feel free to give him a hand with the physical task of getting these items to and from the Beach.


i remember meeting you at the beach party, and my colleague just sent me a link to your blog saying "was this what you went to?"

i've been to most of the beach parties and intend to go to as many as possible this year, so i'll make sure i say "hi" next time.

i've put a link to your blog in the news section on my site.


I look forward to meeting you, bring your colleagues as well :-)

The Reverend Rat +:-)

please can u give me the dates of the next beach party please?

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