Bikes, Sanity and the "Reclaim the Beach Party" fun


The joys of cycling.....Bah Humbug......

My Sanity was in close danger of becoming unstable this morning.....

The Beach Party went ahead....the first of the year :-)

Loadsa Photos.....

Blog time again :-)

Hi everyone.....

The joys of cycling.....Bah Humbug......

I have three mountain bikes in various states of disrepair....the first has suspension at the front and is of good quality...the second is a frame that is rusty and had suspension back and front......the third has bits missing and is rear suspension only...and a few assorted bits and peices.

The aim.....I want a dual suspension bike, so that my back dosn`t get a hammering......that looks crap but works perfectly, which makes the bike less interesting to nick

I took them all apart into a big pile of bits....then, I find that bike parts are not so interchangeable with each other :-(
The suspension for the front that I wanted to use has a stem to big for the frame I want to use, so had to use a more inferior unit .....the derailleur gears have two different fittings....and chains have to broken apart as they don`t use split links....Grrrrr
Also the cables are all different from one bikes fitting to another.....double plus Grrrr

I am getting there has taken two days so far but it does steer, bounce back and front and stop....well on the front brake, the back one is giving me pedals ok but I havn`t got into the joys of setting up the derailleur system yet, so can not change gear......
Bike 1
Bike 2

My Sanity was in close danger of becoming unstable this morning.....
I woke up with a of the neighbours got out his strimmer and made loadsa noise for an hour or two starting a chain reaction amongst the other neighbours with lawn mowers and more strimmers, brush cutters and even chainsaws coming out plus yelling kids and barking dogs and then downstairs decides to do their hoovering followed by laundry......@:-( fuqc fuqc fuqc
I stayed under my blankets and emerged around 19:00 hours felling better :-)

The Beach Party went ahead....the first of the year :-)
It was as usual, good fun with around 800 people coming to party...

The National Film place had a skip outside of it which was full of wood and concrete slabs ...we got all the wood out and piled up ready to take to the beach for the bonfires, we chucked the concrete back in and a couple of Security guys turn up....Sorry you can`t take the wood because you might injure yourselves and you are on our property and we don`t want to get sued.....
I then said that we wouldn`t sue them if we had an accident, nope says the guy worth, and can you put it all back in the skip ?....what happens if we injure ourselves putting it back ? no answer :-(

Here is a load of photos of the party....enjoy...... maybe I will see some more of you at the next one ?

Some other photos to peruse.....

A cool bit of parking..

The cleaner must have been bored :-)
Cleaned up

Thats it for now....I hope to have a lot of writing to do after "Infosec"....speak to you all again soon.

Take it easy
The Reverend Rat


I want a copy of the Condom Elephant Picture!

Take it easy dude

I have a nice bike!

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