Scams again


It`s a lovely scam...

Fraud or Deception or down right theft...hmmm

B*ll*cks I say I want my money back.....

Blog time again...

Heh it`s not been been to bad around here at the moment.

I bought a watch from a stall in the Metro arcade for a fiver and the thing stopped working a few days later,
so I went back and got a replacement....
It went wrong a few days later....
I went back to the stall that sold me it and ythe guy said chose another one from the display .....I then noticed a sign saying that there is a closing down sale to end in four days,Stall

I refused the offer of another watch that might go wrong and asked for my money back.
Ah, it`s not company policy and I must folow the instructions on the guarantee, B*ll*cks I say I want my money back.....

The guy told me to do what I want the Police or whatever but I am not getting my money back.

I walked of and cornered the "Head Security Guy" ( A person I just happen to know ) explained what was happening and said that things might get a bit messy if I don`t get my money back...ok, it was only a fiver but it`s the principle that matters :-)
Him and a couple of other large guys tried to persuade the guy that it might be in his best intrests to give me back my money....
He laughed and said no at which I lost it and went for him.....the minders grabbed me, with the security boss explaining to the guy that I might get loose and maybe it was a good idea to give me my money back ....done seconds flat...fiver paid up.

Trading standards officers contacted shortly afterwards.....

Fat lot of`s a civil, not legal law and I would have had to take out a small claims charge against him,
Even though the guarantee say`s send two pounds to cover return post and packing and the fact that the address is an address box that any Tom Dick or Harry can rent and you are never going to see the watch, fiver, two quid, and the registered postage to make sure it gets there, ever again....It is still not covered under Fraud or Deception or down right theft...hmmm

The guy that ran the stall actually put the my last faulty watch back on display for the next punters....

It`s a lovely loads of fuqed watches...and sell them off cheap....a lot of the customers won`t be bothered with coming back for a fiver and most of those that do will fall for the guarantee routine and lose more...and then there`s people like me ;-)

Thats all for now and thanks for reading.
Yours The Reverend Rat


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